What’s the big deal? Part 2

So where was I?

Ok waters burst, gave birth, we’d been convinced to still go through with the wedding. I had a long shower threw on my new jammies and was put in the ‘bridal suite’ of the maternity ward.

I was exhausted.

I was falling asleep as I lay with Buddy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I hadn’t gotten a chance to sleep the night before and now it was about 7amish. So well over 24 hours without sleep, well probably more, I hadn’t been able to sleep the few nights leading up to the wedding either, over thinking everything that still had to be done and being completely uncomfortable and large didn’t help the cause.

I sent a mass text to everyone just saying that I’d had Buddy, his weight and length and the fact that he was adorable along with an update about the wedding; we’d be having it later in the day and that I’d keep everyone posted.

Everyone thought I was joking.

I dozed on and off between checking out Buddy and giving him cuddles and apologising to him for his battered and bruised little face. He came out too quick. (His eyes bulged at one point during the ‘get it out of me!!!’ part of giving birth.)

I couldn’t reply to any of the messages I was getting back, I had conveniently run out of credit. FINALLY Glen called the hospital room. He’d left earlier to go re-arrange everything. He sounded rushed and panicky. Trying to ask me quick questions in between the girls talking over him in the back ground. I then got on the phone to my sister who was just as rushed and stressed, asking me what I wanted brought to the hospital so I could get ready.

I got off the phone and casually chatted and giggled with Buddy. ‘Its so funny Buddy. Now Daddy gets to see how it feels!’ I was feeling so relaxed now. Not a care in the world. The day before however I was poised to tear heads off. So high-strung and stressed. Everything MUST go perfectly. I was hating everyone and everything. Glen probably copped it the most. How dare he have ‘nothing’ to do?

 And now?

 He had to do everything. I felt it was fair. Karma even.

Glen with the girls, before meeting me at hospital.

My sister, Naomi and Cara, Nai’s daughter, did so much too! I’ll never be able to thank them enough, they dressed all the girls, packed EVERYTHING imaginable that I would need to get ready for the wedding and brought it all to the hospital. When Nicole arrived I could see how stressed she was, she knew how much this day meant to me and I know she wanted to make sure it was perfect.

Sophie, Violet and Bella waiting to walk down the aisle.

Gemima the newspaper lady arrived with the photographer, they asked me some questions as I sat on the bed in my pj’s eating a sandwich. Half an hour BEFORE the wedding!

I decided I should hurry up and get ready. I knew Glen would be stressing out as it was but if I were late? Well…..

Another patient for the hospital!

So I jumped into the small sterile bathroom and chucked on my wedding dress (white suddenly seemed like a bad idea, especially after giving birth a few hours before.) I grabbed my make-up and slapped it on while answering more questions, my brother had arrived at this point. So handsome and grown up, even though he was barefoot like Nicole and I, he looked very classy in his specifically hired vest. I was so happy he was going to be the one giving me away.

I put my white rose comb into my unbrushed hair and put my anklets on.

Grabbed my bouquet and was ready.

Let’s do this thing.

Matt and Nic with me and Buddy. (They mean the world to me!)

Buddy wasn’t allowed out of the maternity ward, but at one point the midwife who had him ducked him out from behind the hedge in the garden off the maternity ward so at least in years to come I can say that yes he was there, if only for a moment. My back was turned at the time and listening to what Gwenda, Glen’s mum and our celebrant was saying when all of a sudden all our guests where looking beyond us saying ‘awww look..’

It was Buddy!

How many times did you plan on stealing the show today Buddy? (I was so proud of him that moment.)

I sooked and blubbered like an idiot as I dragged my brother down the aisle. Laughed stupidly as Glen and I screwed our vows up so badly. I mentioned in the middle of my vows that I had snot running from my nose, Bella started happy crying at one point and I handed her my snotty tissue not even realising she was in tears. I kept waving at people and pulling faces at the small kids watching the ceremony. I didn’t even know where Molly was at one point!

Our ceremony was so sweet, heartfelt and so unique.

Considering I wanted it ‘perfect’ I wouldn’t change a thing.

Best day of my life by far.


Part 3 and the promise of photos???

(Sorry I know I’m being slack.)


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