What’s the big deal? Part 3/Week two

So our ceremony was meant to take place by a beautiful river called Never Never creek in a place called the promised lands. How lovely?

But the whole first week it rained and rained. I had no clue what to do. I didn’t have a back up plan.

One afternoon hanging ut at ‘nan’s’ house it was mentioned how nice it would have been to have Pop at the wedding, due to his age he was in a home and not able to come.

He’s only 102!!!

It got me thinking about how we could feel like Pop was there. I remember Glen taking me up to Pop’s shed a couple of times and how it always fascinated me. There were all sorts of old things up there, lots of keepsakes from different family members too. The shed its self was so rustic and musty, it just felt magical, and full of silent life. I loved that I could close my eyes spin around then randomly select an item and there would be an interesting story to go with it.

This is where I wanted to be married.

It felt special and meaningful, it had little pieces of all the family especially Pop hanging in the dust that floated freely about.

When I mentioned Pop’s shed as back up if the rain should ruin our riverside location everyone looked at me like I was going mad. ‘Its so dirty up there!’ ‘Its not very pretty.’ ‘There is stuff lying around all over the place.’ I liked that stuff was lying around, I didn’t want it to be pretty, and well, the dirt was part of the charm.

Finally I think everyone caught on to what I was feeling, or at least entertained my wishes, and arrangements were made to ‘tidy’ it up. All I wanted was the things in the middle of the floor, which would have been right in the way of the aisle to be moved to the sides, but the boys (Glen, Mark his brother, Robert his dad and Paul his uncle) put in mighty efforts and it looked awesome. They also later got pink, green and white streamers and threw them around the rafters and the morning of the wedding were going to blow up helium balloons to float about the roof. They were also going to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle.

I’d planned to get beautiful wedding shots out by Nan and pops old orange tree which was full of oranges and orange blossoms. There is so much rustic charm about I could just imagine how nice all our family portraits would come out.

Even though this is how I looked, the night before the wedding….

Stuffing my face.

But no…

I got married here…..

and you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world. I gave birth to my fifth and final baby, my first son on the same day I married my best friend.

Poor bruised little face, Sorry Buddy, my bad.

Odd order, but things aren’t always meant to be as simple as they’re made out to be.

Despite what it looks like I WAS happy!

So like I said in the previous post I dragged my brother down the aisle, I panicked, from behind the hedge we were to walk out from behind I could hear the aisle song playing and I was saying ‘quick, we have to go…quick!’ Then I realised that they started the song again as we appeared….no rush at all. I was so nervous, and I made it worse by looking up, from the hospital windows on the second storey there was a crowd! Gawking down at the ceremony. I looked down immediately, I didn’t need the butterflies in my tummy getting anymore excited. I then proceeded to stand in the wrong spot. Well I hadn’t even SEEN where I was getting married, can you blame me? Gwenda quickly re-arranged me into position and we then listened to Gwenda’s words. She’d used a part of my blog, from a post I’d written a while back titled ‘I do, do I?’ Glen and I giggled at each other as I choked back tears, after that Bella was very brave and read a poem for us, it was so sweet and she was so nervous but besides no one hearing a word she said she did very well. I think we then exchanged vows….I think that’s in the correct order (I am so glad we had a videographer! I wouldn’t remember a thing about that crazy day if I didn’t have it on film) (by the way, it is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.)

 Glen needed his very first line repeated and still got it wrong, he had a part about ‘always listen to me talk’ which he said something like he’ll ‘let’ me talk?! nice. And then he had a part about supporting me to become everything I can, but said something like ‘I will let you be, all you can be.’ Which made me laugh harder because it reminded me of Ashton Kutcher in ‘just married’ where he’s meeting his Fiances family and says ‘I just hope I can be, all I can be…..in this fammmmily.’

We then had a special balloon ceremony. Originally it was a flower ceremony. But when I realised that we weren’t having our wedding by the river (where we were going to be throwing the flowers so they could all ‘flow away together’) I had to come up with something else. The ceremony was to represent that Glen, Bella, Sophie, Violet, Molly, Buddy and myself were all separate people who would be joining together on that day, and since there are as many of us as there are colours in the rainbow I thought having 7 flowers, one of each colour and chucking them into the river with a special reading would symbolise they were going ‘together’ in the same direction.

eh…get me?

Well you can see my problem? No river, my flowers will go no where thrown on the ground, so I had to think of something colourful that would ‘travel’ together…..Helium balloons I eventually came up with while scanning the awesome aisles of spotlight. Ended up so much cheaper too!

Anyway, we had our balloon ceremony and released our individual colours to fly off into the sky, it was pretty cool. Only Molly didn’t let go of her balloon….she ‘joined’ our balloons later when she let go accidentally.

Then we exchanged rings.

I freaked out not knowing which of Glen’s hands to take, and I didn’t feel like it was the time to ask either! Glen knowing my terrible grasp on left and right gave me the correct hand. (I know there’s only 2, left and right, but I cannot for the life of me pick which is which off the top of my head.)

As we were pronounced husband and wife, Nicole, my sister and bridesmaid and Mark, Glen’s brother and best man let off petal cannons. So cool hearing ‘Now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride’ *BANG*BANG* and having rose petal shower over you.

We then had hugs and kisses, and signed the papers that need to be signed, my sisters so awesomely thought to bring one of our 3 wedding cakes to the hospital so I could at least cut the cake with Glen, she brought the most delicious one too.

I threw the bouquet to all the little and some not so little girls who were all excited. We did it twice just because it was fun.

Eventually everyone drifted away, off to the reception I’d had planned down to the tiniest detail. Nicole left with Sophie, Violet and Molly who weren’t feeling well at all. She took them home to the townhouse we were renting, bathed them, fed them, watched a movie with them and put them to bed. Glen and I got some pictures taken with Buddy and then the lovely nurses looked after him for 45 minutes while we headed off with our beautiful photographer, Trish O’Brien of Jetty Images, down to the wharf to get some nice wedding shots on the beach.

Finally we arrived back at the hospital, it was getting dark and the maternity ward was quiet. Walking down the corridor in my wedding dress, carrying my bouquet and my new baby, with Glen in his bridal attire was eerie and really out-of-place.


Glen left shortly after, to head for our reception alone, but first, we both had a taste of our wedding cake together and checked out Buddy.

What a day.

And we couldn’t even finish it together.

Glen headed to our reception and I stayed in hospital with Buddy. I can’t complain, I wanted some rest. The doctor and nurses came by to let me know that if I wanted to leave and go to the reception that I could, but I’d have to leave Buddy. I really didn’t want to leave my brand new baby. The nurses put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign as I had random people coming to congratulate me at all sorts of times. I am so glad that our wedding cake was left with me that night. Every time I got up to feed Buddy or change him or cuddle him, I’d slide that table over to me and have a few mouthfuls.

I’ll never forget that cake.

Hazelnut slice……….

Is the translation from what it is called in french. I’ll give details of that bakery in a future post, seriously you NEED to go there and you NEED to eat their cakes.


Anyway,….I think that is most of what happened that day.

At the time we didn’t think much of it, it was more like we were just getting something we had meant to get around to a couple of times out-of-the-way. Giving birth was already unplanned for that day so what the hell, why not get married? I was already tired but I felt awesome after having Buddy out of my body, I felt I could have run a marathon!


However, a few days later I felt like I’d been bashed. By a crowd of apes. Hopped up of fermented bananas!

Oww… the back of my neck and head were so sore, from the position I was in in the water bath, my thighs killed and well so did everything. I was tired too.

We spent most of that week at home, seeing visitors who wanted to check out Buddy, trying to rest and taking the phone calls from a magazine who was interested in our story. Making the front of the local newspaper was cool, but I felt weird. I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

I guess being the actual person in the stories you read isn’t as special as reading them from some elses point of view.

I seriously kept thinking….

What’s the big deal?

I am so happy though that Buddy will have so many keepsakes and memento’s for when he’s older.

I always worried that my wedding day would be good, but that I’d forget it after a few years, hence hiring a photographer and videographer.

But Buddy’s early arrival has ensured that I will never forget it, even if I was a little out of it on the actual day!

So week two ended.

We were tired but happy to the point of being unexplainable.

Our new baby, our new relationship.


It sadly didn’t last…..

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