Skinny Sunday

So this is it.

No more excuses. (I had an excuse which is why I didn’t actually post this on a Sunday, I chickened out thinking I was ‘too busy’ right now, which is true, but I will always be busy if I don’t stuck  it up and just do it!)

 I’m buying a set of scales this week, getting back on the treadmill and working out what I’ll be eating.

Next Sunday I’ll have shameful photos and I’ll post my weight ew.

Tell you the truth I really don’t want to know! I got up OVER 100kgs while pregnant with Buddy (I’ve been 99kgs when pregnant with Violet, but never have I been over 100kgs) I lost a total of 10kgs after I gave birth to Buddy, but I am certain I put it back on, maybe some extra while being at home and cooking big tasty dinners for my family, eating all the delicious things I have missed while living in Blackwater.

I am determined to regain my 70kgs, well not GAIN 70kgs, but get back down to 70kgs. It’s a nice weight for me, I like my shape, I’d just like a smaller version of it!

I’m excited and worried all in one, what if it takes forever? What if I can’t resist delicious food. Oh how I love delicious food.

Every second Friday is our family ‘junk food’ night so I’ll let myself have that day to binge..oh I mean ‘indulge within reason’

I need to keep thinking of all the energy I’ll have, all the cute clothes I have packed away saved for when I finally got back down to the weight I wanted to be, so that I can actually WEAR them, I won’t wobble as much and I may get my thigh gap back! Remember having a thigh gap like those cute girls in bikini’s on the beach?

Yeah me neither!!!

But I WILL get a thigh gap and I WILL wear my smaller, old, musty and probably moth-eaten clothes again.


Wish me luck.


(Join me?! ‘like’ Yager Babies on Facebook to keep updated daily. A hand to hold along the way may be what I need!)

2 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday

  1. Good luck Chrisite! But remember that you are a beautiful person and so long as you are happy – that is all that is matters! And that you are healthy! Take care, Gwenda

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