What’s on your mind?

You’ve been asked this question a million times.

It’s whats written in the status bar on your Facebook.

If your anything like me, firstly you either NEVER have enough space to fully express ‘what’s on my mind’ or secondly, it makes me ponder so deeply that I waste a lot of time trying to decipher ‘what’s on my mind’ and don’t end up writing anything due to not wanting to be too deep and meaningful.

So what’s on my mind right now?

Well, it’s so cold, my feet a frozen and my feet NEVER freeze. I’m wondering where I’ll find the time to do the numerous domestic chores I have planned, and hoping that the feeling of ‘where do I start?’ doesn’t interfere with me being motivated and just DOING it.

I’m beginning to think that Buddy has worked out his ‘plan’ to take over my life. And it’s working! Let’s just say if you are what you eat, then he is one mega boob!

He’s not hungry, he just knows he can be carried around and literally attached to my body if he does the head shake accompanied with a cute face and sucking.

He’s getting fat! He’s not starving like he’s making out.

Molly, well I was wondering why her hands were as cold as ice bricks this morning, so cold they were RED! I put a couple of jumpers on her and socks. Poor dear she’s frozen, only to find that half of my strawberry jelly had been attacked this morning.

Caught red AND cold handed!

Sophie’s getting to be a bit sooky of late. Running crying to me for a cuddle over silly things like ‘my sister’s just left me!’ ….downstairs. Reasonable?

Violet, she’s just being Violet, the adorable non-listening, destined to be a cheerleader little Violet. She gets so distracted, even when she’s putting knickers on. You wouldn’t believe how many injuries she has acquired just from trying to balance on one leg trying to get the other one into her undies while watching tv, or talking and next thing she’s on the floor squealing bare bummed!

Bella, well she is cranky at me AGAIN, because I didn’t put her hair in a ‘high enough’ pony tail for school this morning.

(What’s on my mind?!’ I WANT TO SHAVE THEIR HEADS! Little girls and hair, I’m getting over the hating involved! They’ll divorce me when their old enough. Just because I brushed their hair!)

Glen’s all good except that he is sick. And tired. And stressed. And annoyed. And…well I’m sure there is more. I can honestly say that he is lucky he can complain so much and STILL be cute. (I know what your thinking, give it time, give it time…) Hey I have 5 kids! I can block anything out!!!

What’s on my mind?

Well the fleeting thought that I mentioned a moment ago that I have ‘numerous domestic chores’ popped back into my mind, and yes I am still sitting here typing away. I’m liking that my girls are happy for now and my breasts don’t have an adorable growth for the moment. (Yes, I was explaining myself…to myself really, I feel guilty doing anything that is slightly cristie orientated while my kids are awake! Especially when my house is not clean, there is washing to wash and dishes to clean. Tell you the truth? I’m still in pj’s!)

I’m thinking I’ll call my friend today, that’s if our phone is working, Glen did something to it last night. It was an accident, but the phone is my only contact with the outside world. What will I do?! I briefly thought about mentioning something like that to him last night, but it was not done on purpose….as far as I know!


Ok, well that ‘numerous domestic chores’ thought is starting to REALLY push through to become the ‘only thing on my mind.’ So I guess I must go act on my strong impulses.

Have a beautiful day!

So what’s on YOUR mind?

One thought on “What’s on your mind?

  1. Hi Christie

    You should never feel guilty about spending time for yourself – if you are happy, everyone is happy! Not only that – you need to keep your sanity! I think that as wife and mothers we sometimes lose ourselves – I know I did for a long time. I wouldn’t even take the time to have a bath to relax up until just before I left Rob – that really is pretty sad! We all need to be a bit more selfish and spend time doing what we want – even on our own sometimes! Even now that I am seeing someone again who I love being with, I am really enjoying that we both have our own separate places and time apart. You have 5 beautiful children and a great husband (who needs to chill a bit more!) so just make sure you look after yourself! take care, love Gwenda

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