Nan and Pop’s House.

Nan and Pop’s house.

Words that I’d use to describe it?

Cosy, comforting, charming and warm.

It is the best place in the world.

Situated in the very beautiful and historic town of Bellingen, which is known for its hippies. (Its true!) To me ‘hippy’ means free and loving, respectful of everything living and caring. It is the perfect place for a house like Nan and Pop’s.

It has such an easy peaceful feel about it.

Just like Nan.

This is Evril Maud at 16 years old. So pretty!

She will be 89 on the first of september.

A lovely spring baby (just like me) And a virgo too! (just like me)


One night at Nan and Pop’s house we all sat, lots and lots of us, in their lounge room. Lots of cushy lounges all in an old school floral pattern and not all matching. Mis-matched seating was brought in from other rooms, younger ones sat on the floor. The wood fire was burning away. There was lots of chatter, laughter and just stuff going on. Not everyone was doing the same thing. The younger girls were using their mobiles and iPods, uncles and dad’s trying to play a game on the Playstation while aunts egged them on. Others read or just watched.

Such a busy yet relaxing place.

Food is always handy and it’s always home-made.

Its home-made and its given with love.

Looking around everyone is so different. Everyone is accepted. We’re all family here. It’s so comforting.

While I sat snuggle to one of the many random cushions, listening to a beautiful english accent of my new sister-in-law (by marriage) I caught some words said from further across the room….

“Look at what you’ve created Mum.”

Aunty Lyn sat on the coffee table, not really talking to anyone specifically as Nan didn’t hear it. Just putting it out there. The fact that this one amazing woman began it all. Right down to the little boy who was still in my belly at the time.

If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t now have the father in law, who is my husbands dad, who is my baby’s father.

All those people in that room, blood related or not were brought together by Nan.

And Nan loves them all.

Time slowed for a moment as I let the impact of Aunty Lyn’s words sink in. I looked around thinking of the differences and connections between us all, one nodding off in a corner, another putting a baby to sleep, some chatting and giggling over a glass of wine. I felt a warm glow knowing that I was a part of it. Even if I wasn’t doing anything, just being here meant I was.

 I looked at Nan. Such an amazing woman. If ever I need inspiration I will look to her! She’s full of life and energy, she’s always on the go.

She always smiles.

Mother of 4, but it’s not that simple, she is a GREAT mother of 4, a devoted wife, for the past 71 years as of the 6th of September, that is forever! She loved and looked after Pop until he was sadly put into a nursing home last year at the age of 101. He turned 102 in June, we were there for his awesome achievement! (Get this man a blog already! What awesome stuff he would be able to share.)

Nan visits him everyday.

She is an artist, and she’s a great cook. She is the head of a wonderful, loving group of people and I think a lot of them are inspired by her too.

She has so much energy!

On the floor with the little kids not watching. Throwing ball with them in the house rather than kicking them out.


Happiness is what matters, not things.

She seems to shine wisdom and acceptance to those who deserve.

I hope to learn a lot from her and only wish we lived closer so I could scrounge through her recipes and look over old photo albums with her for hours on end.

She may even share some painting tips?

Nan and Pop don’t have a house.

 They have a home and you know what? I never knew what that was until I’d been to Nan’s house.

You can just see and feel the spirit of memories made in that house, everywhere you look. When you’re in it with the random mis-matched family of young and old all coming together you can witness more being created by the minute.

 This home is filled with love.

 With family.

Such an unconditional, non-judgmental place.

No concern over a crumb falling to the floor, little ones always have a set of eyes on them, play ball……….inside?!

You need something? Just ask.

This isn’t a house where people reside. It isn’t just a roof over their heads. It’s like a communal gathering place where people feel comforted by just being there. It’s restful to be in that home. My soul feels calmer, I can be myself without even thinking about it, it just happens.

It may sounds strange but it kind of feels like a not for profit animal shelter. Taking in wounded souls, making them feel whole again. For no reason other than to be kind.

I hope one day Glen and I can create our own home, wherever it may be. A place I can run back and forth from the kitchen to get a loved one something delicious I have home-made for them to eat. Or serve tea and coffe and cake to anyone who wants it. A place I can sit back and just watch. Watch all the people who have come together because of me or not, but to be able to be a part of something greater than myself a network of love that has ultimately spawned from Nan and Pop, that I can call my own.

There is magic and beauty in that house.

It has a life of its own, I thought perhaps it was Nan who filled it that way, but when I think about it……….

No, when I’m IN IT and FEEL it……………..

It’s love, been leaked out of the pores of anyone who has ever stepped foot inside and felt welcome, anyone who has ever felt a glow from the acceptance, anyone who has felt like they didn’t belong until they were in that home with that family.

That house is soaked in it.

I think Nan draws her energry, her love from whats given back.

Nan and Pop created a house that is now its own thing, greater than us all.

A place of family.

It has its own soul.

It has taken since 1952 to get it that way and that is how it will stay.

Words that I’d use to describe it?

Cosy, comforting, charming and warm.

It is the best place in the world.


Cherish your family, love your life, be a part of everything and enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Nan and Pop’s House.

  1. Hi Chrisite
    Everything is so true in what you say! Just look at how the family still accept me and treat me the same! One thing that I really missed when I split with Rob was Topsy and the family – so really happy now that they let me be involved with the family again. Nan has always been fantastic and so welcoming as you say to everyone! And you are so right about the house – it will be sad if it eventually gets sold! It’s great that you feel the way that you do about it – I’m sure nan would love to see what you have written!

    1. That will be a sad day! I think everyone feels the way I do about it, I guess because you and I don’t go there everyday it impacts on us more. I think I’ll try to print a copy and post it to her. I was a little worried writing it, not sure if I should or not. But thanks for your feedback, I love all your comments you always know what to say! 😀 xoxox

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