Skinny Sunday 1

So what is Skinny Sunday?

Glen and Cristie are using it to share their progress on their health and weight management. Using Skinny Sunday to keep track of goals achieved or not. They will weigh in and post photos to document their progress each Sunday. Any one wanting some encouragement to lose weight or get into shape is more than welcome to join them!


What are you hoping to achieve with Skinny Sunday?

Glen says: “Get buff.” “And tank.” Cristie says: “I want to wear all my cute clothes again and feel lighter and healthier.”

What are your weight goals?

Glen says: “To gain weight and get into the 90’s, around 95kgs. I don’t want to be a fat 95. An in shape 95.” Cristie says: “I’d like to get back down into the 70’s. I won’t go lower than 70kgs. I like being ‘soft’.”

What changes are you going to make?

Glen says: “Start working out. Get some protein drinks and stuff. Eat healthier food.” Cristie says: “Eat lots of fruit, veg, nuts and lean meat mostly chicken. Start doing some exercises like sit ups and push ups. Start running again, well work up to it. Just be healthier and say no to bad food.”



                                                 Glen                                                                       Cristie

Weight                                    77 kg                                                                      95 kg


Photo Shoot

Glen says: “Photos are photos anyway you look at them and I still don’t really like having them taken.” Cristie says: “I thought I would be ok with it. It was my idea after all and I thought I would like the photos. I had a complete freeze when it was my turn to get pictures taken, I’m not sure if it was Glen who put me off or whether I just got cold feet. I had a few tears which sucked because I thought I was confident enough to do this. I mean I have spilled some pretty deep things from the inside on my blog, but this is different. I’m just glad I can say that I won’t be this big for much longer, if anything I am now even more determined to meet my goals.”

(Behind the scene photos?!/pages/Yager-Babies/196004863777995 see them here.)

What do you think of your photos?

Glen says: “I don’t like any photos of myself. Even these ones.” Cristie says: I don’t mind them but I really don’t want to have any more taken of me at this size. It’s not that I don’t like my body, it’s given me 5 beautiful babies after all! I’d like it to be smaller, well maybe just my thighs! I like it way better with clothes on it!

What do you think of each others photos?

Glen says: I love these and all photos of Cristie. Even though these ones took ages to get, I like them and I love Cristie xoxox” (aww see why I married him?……cause he’s a suck up!) Cristie says: When Glen and I met he had a 6 pack, it slowly started to disappear, but not once has it worried me, I prefer him softer! It shows me that I’m feeding him well! I think he’s hot!

What do you hope to achieve by next Sunday?

Glen: “I hope to be in the 80’s. Eat more, but healthy foods.”Cristie: “I hope to lose a minimum of  1 kg. I plan to make sure I drink a minimum of 1 litre of water per day and I hope to use the treadmill for a minimum of 4 hours this week.”


Cristie says:

I’m setting my goals to the least I think is possible for me to achieve. I don’t want to set unrealistic goals like ‘lose 10kg.’ And be let down and make me lose motivation. Ultimately I plan to lose 25kg but for now any loss is good, and as long as I am eating right I know I am getting healthier everyday and setting good examples for my kids.

I think Glen will have a hard time gaining his weight (plus he isn’t much taller than me and wants to be my 95kg! Of muscle! I don’t know if that is possible.) I don’t think he will gain the 3kg by next Sunday but then again only a few weeks ago he was around 83kg and he dropped that…somehow…..So maybe he can gain it. I will feed him more food yet healthy food and encourage him to work out more.

Glen says:

I want to gain the weight so I feel more confidant. And I want people to look at me and not want to take me on. Or rip me off. And to help out with my physical job.

I think Cristie will double her goal by the end of the week, unlike Cristie saying I cannot achieve my goals I encourage her and think she will surprise herself. (yeah, yeah)



When I went shopping this week I did not buy anything unhealthy. I didn’t buy butter as we’re going to get weaned off it, I bought skim-milk for myself and whole milk for the kids and Glen. I bought lots of fruit and dried fruits, I got nuts and low-fat crackers to snack on. I’ve got lean chicken and not as much so that we all can have smaller portions. I plan to make our dinner plates (which I am trading for a smaller plate) consist of 3/4 veg and 1/4 meat. Stir-frys, salads and home-made soups. Snacks will consist of fruit and nuts, breakfasts are wholemeal or whole grain toast or porridge or weetbix. Lunches are salads or salad wraps. We’re allowing ourselves a ‘free’ day every second Friday. I plan to have some chocolate that day! And we’ll have sub-way as our treat dinner. (we actually really love sub-way, so it is a ‘healthy’ treat)

I have planned tasty (cause I LOVE flavour!) yet healthy meals that Glen and I and the kids will all like. I have made small changes like sweet potato instead of potatoes. When I feel like I need something sweet I’ll have some sultanas. The kids love banana chips and dried apricots so when they ask for a ‘surprise’ which used to be a lolly or chocolate I’ll hand those out instead! They won’t mind as they like them so much.

 I will post recipes that we all like for you to try. (if my fussy kids like then your family will surely love it!)

Wish us luck!

(Hope the pics didn’t scare you! Hopefully you will see us morph over the coming months!)

8 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday 1

  1. Hi Christie – you both are so brave! Good on you! I heard once that you shouldn’t think of it as losing weight – because then you need to find it! I wish you both the best of luck! I think that if you do everything in moderation it’s not so bad. And so long as you are happy within yourself it makes things easier! Don’t be too hard on yourself – you’ve not long ago given birth and been through a very traumatic time – so take it easy! You both should be very proud of yourselves!

    1. HI Gwenda! brave?? I sooked like a baby! Well I hadn’t really thought I was TOO big, I just wanted to lose a bit to feel more comfortable (in summer!) and have more energy, but man! When I saw the pics…(not everyday I’m photographed in underwear!) I saw my thighs! Gosh I knew they were um…womanly, but now I would like them to slim down a bit lol Like you said I ‘found the weight’ lol I haven’t done too much, just 30 mins on the treadmill everyday and I’ve been trying to fit in an extra 30 mins every second day. I’ve made sure I’m not eating so much sugar …chocolate 😦 and lots of fruit and veggies and lean meat. I feel really good already, tempted to jump on the scales and see if it shows, but I’m going to wait til Sunday. I’m going to do it the sensible, common sense way. Eat healthier and move more. And I hope it will show at the end of the day no matter how long it takes! xoxox

  2. great page Cristie. You will easily double your weight loss goal by the end of yur week if you stick to your health plan. Glen i already respect you, you don’t need to be a buff 95kg to be a great human. You should be proud of everything have achieved so far mate.

      1. Just because guys are massive that doesn’t make them a man. I have learnt that a man is measured by his actions, not through strength of muscle but strength of heart and soul. Glen is at the top of the list for this. he is someone to look up (figure of speech, not possible as he is shorter than me lol).
        Also Josh Lewis, Lilly’s god father lost 25kg in a year. All he did was change his diet and ride his bike to work. Not a major change in lifestyle but with your change of diet and treadmill Cristie you will see results. Some weeks better than others because our bodies are funny things. Sometimes they retain water so it looks as though you haven’t lost anything for the week but you are just holding fluid. Don’t let those weeks get you down. You and Glen working together will dominate this life goal.

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