The first of August! Really?

I can’t believe it is August!

Is it just me of has time flown?

I feel like with everyday that goes by my life is stretching away into the distance, but not in front of me; stretching away behind me. Like a long path with many hills I have travelled. I like that tomorrow is a new fresh brick laid in my path. I don’t know if it will be a nice smooth brick or an ugly bumpy one, nice and flat or on a steep incline, I’ll only find it out once I step over the line into the unknown of tomorrow.

I have lost a lot of days in the past, wasted them, skipped over them like they didn’t exist. But when I turn around and look back over my path as a whole, the days I was a part of, the ones I really tried hard to be present in, well those bricks just shine back at me. They are really well laid, smooth, sparkling bricks I can always look back on and smile at.

Yesterday was good, most of it. Sadly it is now over and done with, but I made sure I got pictures!

We had fun ‘trying’ to get ‘natural’ looking family photos of ourselves.

From left: The Freedom Fighter (Molly) she has an ‘I do what I want attitude’ The Hippy (Violet) The Lover (Sophie) and The Debater (Bella)


We went out for lunch together and then to the botanical gardens for some pretty scenery and a chance to just hang out.

Everyone was exceptionally cute!

He looks tough but he’s not really. (He plays the wiggles hot potato song to Buddy on his Iphone to settle him! See? Big softie. And cute.)

See I was there too!

We played in the park for a while before Violet desperately needed to go to the toilet which happened to be at the OTHER end of the gardens!

The Mad Toilet Dash.

The Pause for a Cute Photo.

Like I said earlier, MOST of it was good, but a day in the life of our family is never complete without tears.

There were some.

Sophie went to slide down the slippery dip but her dress got caught up at the top, she slid half way and came to a very abrupt halt when her dress stopped her. Funny for all involved, except Sophie who was a tad embarrassed.

Violet doesn’t need reasons to cry. But you know she is when your ears start ringing and you get an instant headache from her high ear piercing pitch!

Evil mum made Molly walk for 5 metres! She is so used to reaching up to dad and getting a free lift everywhere. I on the other hand know what legs are meant to be used for and Molly doesn’t like my opinions on the matter.

At all.


All in all it was a nice shiny brick of a day! Besides the tears and the fact that it all ended abruptly with a pointless disagreement over shoes. But that’s the way we do things Yager Baby style and I wouldn’t change it at all.

Here’s a few extra randoms.

So we all went home, Glen and the girls cleaned the garage, Bella had a driving lesson (driving back and forward out of the garage 5 times.) I hung out some washing and put dinner on. I won’t remember that stuff when I look over my shoulder and see my path reaching out into the past.

I will see smiles, and giggles, and all the colour of each of our personalities. I only wish it weren’t August, I wish time would slow down especially when I’m having a good day. I am going to try to make each one as polished as possible, regardless of what I am doing, I want to do it well and smile about it. Genuinely!

The saying ‘life’s too short’ is real.

Your not happy? Do something about it.

You wouldn’t want to look back at your path and see bumps and dirt and tears and scrapped knees.


(The bonus with having legs -Molly listen- is that you can take your next step forward and make it better than your last, slate wiped clean. Days in the past can’t be changed, but the ones you haven’t created yet can be anything you choose.)


Life’s too short.

Make it happy!

5 thoughts on “The first of August! Really?

  1. Love it Crisite. Looks like you had a wonderful day! I look forward to being able to do days like this!!!!
    Love and hugs to you all

  2. You are exactly right Christie! Life is short and you need to make every moment count! I love your wording! And love all of the gorgeous photos’ – keep up the good work!

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