Table Matters.

So finally I found the dining table of my dreams, and yes I have dreamed of dinning tables. Our last was….hmm…..fragile.

It was glass and had….seriously it HAD cream padded seats.

WHO, the heck would ever have a glass table with CREAM padded seats.

With children in the same room, same house even!

What an idiot.

Oh it was ME!

Yeah I thought that it was a wonderful idea back when I bought it. It was a sparkling glamorous thing I had to have, seating 6 I thought it would last me forever. I chose not to have the optional scotch guarding because I thought I’d love it SO much that the moment it had a finger print I would wipe it away immediately.

I did.

For about a day.

I got tired of ‘protecting’ my table very quickly.

And very quickly the ‘cream’ padded seats turned brown and splotchy with spills and Vegemite prints and smears of who knows what. The glass top was amazingly prone to gross-ness, showing every hand print. The best thing about glass tables however is that everything that happens to the UNDERside is also visible……

did I say best thing?

See? Idiot.

So for parents in search of a new dinning table, I suggest from experience alone DO NOT BUY A GLASS TABLE. Unless you want to wipe the top of it daily and the UNDERside daily…..on numerous occasions.

I didn’t, so it always looked horrible, I ended up covering it with fitted sheets!

So much for glamorously sparkling!

I had a bedsheet fitted table with grotty seats!

So when I found this baby…..

(Violet slept in and had only me as company for breaky this morning.)

I had to have it, we needed another, the glass was getting unsafe sliding around, having 5 kids now too meant we’d have to upgrade within 12 months so I HAD to have it.

I WANTED it, and I am a person of very few wants. (shocking?)

It is actually 3 years old and belonged to a family of 5 they no longer wanted it as their house was too small for it, ours is too really but I don’t care.

It is exactly what I wanted, only second-hand which is actually better, I didn’t want to go through the ‘protective’ phase of exciting new things, I want my kids to have the freedom to spill, smear and do what they do without walking on egg shells.

Its wood.

The more they bang it up the more ‘rustic’ it is going to look. (that’s my theory, it will be at its peak beauty in a couple of years time.)

Dining tables are special, it’s where we all gather. Looking at the pictures I’d taken of our table I think it clearly shows where importance lies in our house. Besides the obvious ‘creative expressions’ plastered everywhere, the size of our tv compared to the size of our table says a lot. (I’m glad I came to this conclusion all by myself) We have talked about getting a bigger tv, but we’ve put it off. I mean the one we have is perfectly clear, if there happens to be something on that we really want to watch; we can watch it. So we don’t NEED a bigger one. It would be a waste of money. Yet I didn’t hesitate for the table. And personally I think it has far more entertainment value than the tv does anyway!

Kids are funny when you listen to them.

A big dining table was far better value for the way we live.

See we could all LIVE under it.

I’m kidding.

 I am so happy to have one I don’t have to wipe the underside of and you know what? If I don’t sweep under it one day shhhh…no one knows! (its purely because I am lazy.) Considering this one is WAY better and bigger than our last glass, SEE THROUGH table for cubby houses, I assume we’ll be having a lot more cubby houses. Which usually means morning or afternoon tea in the cubby which means food on the UNDERside of the table. (It’s like me and Glen painting the ceiling with our dinner, I don’t get it, but it happens, it just does.)

Popcorn I have found is not so easy to smear, however no matter how non-see through my table may be, the mess that is left MUST be swept sadly.

We currently have only 2 available positions and as soon as Buddy is sitting steadily on his own he will take his position and join the ranks of foodies (fussy foodies, it’s hard when 2 like something and the other 2 don’t!) who like to get creative with their food. ie the smearing/splattering/squashing …..really any messy word beginning with ‘s’ happens at our table.

The last one seat can stay empty and hold the spirit of every member of family we wish was at our dinner table laughing and chatting with us.

Guess what?! (for all of those dying to eat my food again…p.s I’m on a diet, if I can’t eat it, you’re not either!)

We made sure it was big enough to accommodate random chairs on each side for when we’re all together again so we estimate our 9 piece second-hand dinning table can actually fit at least 12 people!

(for salads)


Who cares!

We are all together.

And THAT’S what matters!

Tables matter.

4 thoughts on “Table Matters.

  1. SIGH. we have a huge TV and no dining table. my husband usually works lunchtime till 11pm so i got used to eating alone on the lounge but now alex is sitting up to the same dinners i eat i find us both on the lounge….its just wrong! Time to make a change!

    1. We have the tv on when eating sometimes. We have to MAKE SURE we just turn it off no matter whats on lol. The days Glen works are a little harder as I cook at the same time and the girls eat around 6.30 and Glen’s not home until 7pm. If they are happy I’ll get them to wait 15 or so for dinner so they are finishing just as Glen and I start so we still get that time. Simple little things like eating together bring families together…well thats what I think 😀

  2. Hi Cristie

    I love the way you look at things and how you allow the girls to play around the table – how exciting for them to have a cubby house inside the house! They are so lucky to have a mum that doesn’t stress about little things and let’s the kids be kids! Great work – keep it up! I love the table – no wonder you had to have it!

    1. Its so nice, I could hug it! We would never have got anything new like it for the price we paid. So great! Perfect table, perfect price, I’m keeping it forever lol 😀

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