I always thought it was cute when you watched a movie that had a sweet little curly-haired girl and who dragged around a ratty dolly or teddy.

I always wanted my girls to have a toy they loved, before I even had Bella I’d bought the cutest teddy bear, I called it ‘corn flakes’ as he was the same colour; Hoping to make her sleep with it every night and therefore she would love it and become attached. I tried to force that teddy upon her.

She never liked it.

When I had Sophie I got her the most beautiful vintage -real vintage- silver and mother of pearl rattle/whistle and  had her name and date of birth engraved on it, thinking what a beautiful thing to have (I envisioned family heirloom) She liked it but never got attached.

Violet was the same, she never got attached to anything EXCEPT her ‘milkie cup’ Milkie was her friend, THATS how attached she was. She would put it in our swing seat and swing it saying ‘there you go milkie, is it fun?’ she slept with it of course and pushed it in prams, and yes occasionally she tried to dress it.

Milkie cup.

We did replace it a couple of times. After feeling brave and taking it away and then being scared for our lives and getting another.

The day Milkie cup ‘disappeared’ was a terrible day…terrible 2 weeks actually. She basically screamed when going to bed, she hated us all! She was getting closer and closer to 3, and we got tired of having major search and rescues the moment it went missing.

She got over it. Eventually with lots of tears and frustration on her part and ours.

I shouldn’t have let her keep it for so long, she was old enough to drink from a normal cup.

(16 months…perfect weaning period keep that in mind to avoid……hell.)

She occasionally goes through phases with ‘Sally’ but it is not so bad, she’s not obsessed like she was with Milkie.

Sally doing her ‘tricks.’

So I decided being ‘attached’ to something was a bad idea. I knew kids with dummies who just wouldn’t quit the habit, I’ve seen 5 year olds sucking on them in the shops! Obviously those parents lost the battle. Blankies are the worst! They get dragged around and VERY dirty and unhygienic, then you have to do the cutting in half thing so you can wash one part while they have the other.

Then Molly came along, I had no intentions of getting her attached to anything.

Until one day while in a cheap shop (I’ve said it before, ‘cheap shops’ = shops that have inexpensive yet pointless and totally useless wares) Molly spotted a teddy bear, more of a raccoon teddy and she HAD to have it.

$5 I said ok.

Sparks must have flown between them, her world changed the day she found ‘teddy’ she was drawn to him and I think he feels the same. She loves him dearly and won’t sleep without him, she hugs and kisses him and calls him ‘my teddy’ if he isn’t with her she knows exactly where he is, and if on the rare occasion she doesn’t, like with Violet’s Milkie cup, there is a mad search and rescue organised to find him asap!

It is pretty cute.

Only he is dirty and gross and he needs a wash, but she won’t part with him. I went to buy a second one, but they were all gone!

But I can relate to Molly’s attachment.

I have Mr and Mrs Thumper, I have mentioned them in previous posts. I got Mr Thumper around the age of 4-5 from my parents…I mean the easter Bunny, Mrs Thumper the following year.

I loved them. Still do.

I refused to go to bed without them. I refused to go anywhere without them. They’ve been overseas with me. Taking up important packing room was not an issue. They will ALWAYS be with me. They’ve shared all my secrets, soaked up many tears of sadness and joy. I’ve hugged them more than any human I know, I’ve filled them with so much of myself that being as lifeless as they are, they are a part of me now.

(creepy photos of me with stuffed animals a bit much? I agree!)

25 years worth of soul is in those stuffed animals.

They are my comfort and are my security blanket.

So I get it Molly.

Teddy is a part of you and I will respect that and try my hardest to keep him ‘alive’ for as long as you love him.

Sometimes it is nice to be attached to something.

What are you attached to?

2 thoughts on “Attatched?

  1. Hi Christie – funny I don’t think either of the boys were attached to anything – thank goodness! I have a lovely elephant that Glen gave my when I came back from the Phillipines – whilst I’m not attached to it – do treasure it and would never get rid of it. And of course there are all my Pooh bears that I would also never get rid of! I will keep an eye out for another Racoon for miss Molly! I love all the photos that you always put with the posts – they are great! PS – just thought there are two thngs that at the moment I am really attached to and can’t live without – my electric blanket and my bedroom TV! Just love them both to death! lol

    1. haha feeling like I could easily get attached to an electric blanket at the moment! Buddy has slept with me…well everynight! So my top half is uncovered because he’s under my arm, sooo warm with Buddy, but up top is sooo cold. Glen has a few ratty old teddies in the cupboard that he says he’s had since he was little, he wouldn’t say he’s attached but he obviously still has them lol I think Molly is going to give me trouble with her milkie cup too, she doesn’t carry it around everywhere won’t go to sleep without it argh 😛

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