What are we?

So I watched the most awesome show the other night.

I think it was called ‘inside the human body’ it further supported what I think about our bodies already.

Everything the human body is capable of fascinates me, it is just so interesting when you ponder on it deeply -along with other pointless things- as I sometimes do.

I guess it doesn’t make for an interesting post, but when I begin to go on and on about my musing with Glen he merely says

‘Honey, I’m a tyre fitter, I CAN’T think about things like that.’

So I am sorry, you have to deal with it. (Blame Glen)

So what are my thoughts on the human body?

Well it is easier to try and get you to find out for yourself.

Look in a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say ‘this is me.’ Simple enough.

But what do you really mean when you say ‘this is me.’ Are you talking about your hand? Your foot?

Nope, those a merely a part of the whole. They are your hands and feet, they belong to you, but they are not you.

YOU could be put into another body and still be YOU.

So what are YOU?

I think that we are our thoughts, WE are the insides of our mind, we are the ideas, we are the feelings we have, nothing more. Our body allows us to put into action our ideas and allows us to express our feelings but WE are a separate ‘thing’ from our bodies.

We are two separate things coinciding.

Can’t have one without the other.

Person and body.

I agree with those people who think our bodies are our vehicle. Our soul -for lack of a better word- is placed in a vehicle.

And man that vehicle is awesome! The show I watched was all about how the human body repairs itself, I watched wide-eyed as white blood cells gobbled up virus cells.

I watched amazed at how different muscles react to different chemicals released from the brain to help with reaction timing to suit the situation we were in.



Those are some random thoughts for you.

I try to keep them at a minimum, but sometimes things are so interesting.

I think that there is a reason we have been given a vehicle to exist in, I don’t know why, and I think that maybe ‘we’ on the inside have a greater purpose.

Perhaps it comes when our body no longer works for us and we are freed of it.

The human body is a marvel, we’ll never totally figure it out, or why we were given it to ruin in the many ways we do.

But it gives people like me -who obviously have nothing better to do- something to think about.


What do you think????

(seriously, tell me. I’d love some other input.)

One thought on “What are we?

  1. Hi Christie – yep reckon our bodies and our minds are amazing! Went with Chantel the other day to her ultrasound – it was in 3D – it was fantastic the detail that we could see on that little, tiny baby – truly amazing. I think, a bit like you, that our body is just a vehicle – but we need to treat it wisely and not abuse it! (like some of us did last Saturday night – but we won’t go into that!) I think that are minds are a fantastic and amazing thing that alot of people under rate! I’ve had many “funny” experiences from when I have meditated or “just put some thoughts out there!” I truly believe that there is a “Universe” out there and if we ask it for help/support we might get it! The mind is more powerfull than alot of people give it credit for! No doubt Glen will be shaking his head if he reads this! Take care, Gwenda

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