The birds and bees scared me.

So Last night when I went to use the computer, to begin a new post actually, I opened up our little list thing, of previously searched stuff and I saw the word…



Bella had been playing a game on the computer earlier, Molly, Violet and I went for a shower, she was still playing when we hopped out.

I called Bella in thinking she might want to ask me some questions, I showed her what was written on the screen and she looked a t me in horror.

‘Mum that’s disgusting! I would never, it wasn’t me!’

Ok so I got frustrated because she was lying to me.

We didn’t talk about it, because I was annoyed and she was embarrassed. I would have been too at her age! I remember my little friends and I thinking it was hilarious to draw little doodles….Litterally we’d draw little willies! My mum found them and freaked out and thought we were freaks.

I didn’t want to approach the subject like that.

I had originally planned to have THE talk with Bella when she turned 9. But she got to 9 and I didn’t feel she was ready so I decided to wait until 10 to reassess the situation.

I’m actually quite happy I found that one little word sitting there.

Bella will be 10 next month so today I bought a couple of books.

That good old classic ‘Where did I come from?’ and another called ‘Puberty Girl.’  I read both in the car on the way back from Emerald. I highly recommend puberty girl, even just for parents to read and use it as a guide.

So I left them on her bed. Just so that when she got home from school she could giggle and blush and check it all out for herself.

She came out of her room a little awkward and said ‘Thanks for the books mum.’

Tonight I let Bella stay up, I asked her to go get her books to have a read while I washed up. She sat at the kitchen bench and began reading; I told her she could ask me questions if she wanted to.

To begin with she was asking me what some of the words were.

Then she asked…’Mum whats pen…is?’

I giggled, looked at her with raised eyebrows and said ‘You don’t know what a penis is?’

She laughed immediately once she realised the simple pronunciation mistake she’d made. It broke the ice and we laughed and giggled about all sorts of bits and pieces she read out to me.

Over and over she kept saying ‘did you know…blah blah’

I ended up saying ‘Um, Bella I have children so I know all of this and how it happens.’

‘Aw, mum! That is so gross!’


It went well. Thank goodness. I had been dreading this day from the moment I found out I was having my first child!

We’re not done however, we are planning to read bits and pieces together when we get a chance. Bella has the books in her room so she can flick through anytime she likes and can come to me and ask questions if she needs to.

 I feel relieved that I didn’t leave it any later, and I am a tad proud that my little girl is starting that wonderous, marvelous yet rocky road to becoming a young woman.

Surprisingly we actually had fun and it was very funny. I already know she has had a better introduction than I did. Even if we left it and didn’t talk anymore about it.

It’s quite exciting.

It has brought us together and I am so so happy that she feels comfortable talking to me about it. She is way more comfortable than I am!


I was worried when I found ‘sex’ in our google search but now I am happy I did.

My daughter will be prepared and know whats going on with her body and how life begins.

I know she’ll be a strong, independent woman some day and I hope I can make that journey as easy as I can.

Easier than my own at least.

The more she knows the better.

Birds and bees.

Turns outit’s not so scary after all!


One thought on “The birds and bees scared me.

  1. That’s so great Christie! I know that Chantel has been worried about how to approach it with Sophie – she has asked a couple of curly questions in the past and Chantel “freaked!” go talk to Nan! So I’ll let her know how you went and tell her about that other book. Sophie is only 8 – so she might be able to get it and put it away for another year or so! I love the way that you are so open with the girls – they are very lucky to have such a down to earth mum! They are all such beautiful individuals that are a joy to be around and I can’t wait until I can see you all again!

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