How much mess would a mess mover move? If a mess mover did move mess?

Firstly this ISN’T a stab at Glen.

Goodness knows why he might be paranoid.

Now that that is crystal clear I will explain the experiment.

AIMTo see what happens in a family home over a 24 hour period when Mum does nothing. (Please keep in mind we are not pigs, but a family of 7. Actually I lie, we are family of 7 pigs!)

METHOD: I cleaned my house to begin with, then I took pictures of 4 specific yet sometimes forgotten areas of the house, I then took photos again at 2 hour intervals, which is how often I would usually do my rounds; at the same location. I did not do anything to tidy, clean or remove mess. (I did sleep though, I assume no mess happens during sleeping hours, however I do sometimes wonder…)



(Obviously those kids mum went on strike! Like forever!)

Here are our real RESULTS:

Test area one- Kitchen Bench. This area is right next to the sink and phone so it collects a lot of dishes that need to be washed random notes, well it gathers everything everyone needs to dump somewhere. It is a constant area that needs to be cleaned. (Please keep in mind that last night we had take-away for dinner, usually we also have pots, pans and the usual array of cooking implements.)

Test area two – The Hallway. This area can sometimes be deadly. Clothes are dumped on the bathroom floor and then kicked into the hallway for collection and washing. I sometimes leave a washing basket to put dirty clothes in, but it often ends up as another hurdle because no one puts clothes in it! The Hallway also leads to kids bedrooms, often there are toys, dolls, prams and children strewn along it too. (You should see it on a day when I strip beds! Creative climbing equipment for the kiddies!)

Test area three- Under the Dinner Table. This can get really disgusting. Depending on what we are eating really. If it’s sloppy, it ends up on the floor. If its crumby, it ends up on the floor. This area even though often forgotten is in constant need of attention. Luckily over the past 24 hours we didn’t eat anything too sloppy or too crumby!

Test area four- The Dinner Table top. Just like with under the dinner table, this also is in need of constant attention, only the table top is far more obvious. Food gets on it, children get on it, yes, even Glen gets on it. Considering it is where we eat all our meals I know for a fact it is probably less hygienic than our toilet seat. Sad but on a microscopic level, I’m sure it is true.

(I am tempted to give it 48 hours to show a true deterioration, but I am sure from these pictures you can see that it is only going to get worse and personally, I don’t want it to get any worse or I won’t catch up!)

CONCLUSION: I found that over a 24 hour period if mum does nothing, mess happens. It stays where it is, gets trodden on, kicked out-of-the-way but never removed. I also found that it is easier to keep up constant attention to these and other areas in order to keep a neat and tidy appearance all the time. Going on ’rounds’ every 2 hours or so -if possible- is a good idea. However, anyone who wants to remain sane, feel like they have a ‘life’ and a purpose OTHER than being a house maid should NOT do this. delegate tasks to the other capable hands in the house, (if you can deal with tantrums and arguments) supervise and ensure that things are put where they belong and not hidden in drawers, under beds or in the oven. This behaviour tends to lead to extra work in the long-term. So in conclusion I got the results I knew I would.

Stay at home mum’s work! They work their butts off! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But if you are a stay at home mum, you too knew this and therefore this was a pointless experiment that I will now be paying for as I have a messy pig sty of a house to deal with!

NOTE: These pictures did not include the laundry, kitchen sink or bathroom for a reason. I did not want to cause trauma or mental harm to anyone.

Good day to you!

(I plan to do weekly experiments, if not for your entertainment, then purely for my own!!!)

3 thoughts on “How much mess would a mess mover move? If a mess mover did move mess?

  1. OMG Christie – I thought “no” can’t be true with the first photo! Thank god! Being a mum can be a thankless job sometimes – and it’s hard to know how to deal with it! Been there done, done that! Not sure that I can offer any helpful advice other than try not to let it drive you nuts!

    1. haha thank you! It was kind of fun watching it get worse and worse knowing no one would care except me! (Glen attacked my post when I wasn’t looking and put all those pictures on it, I thought it was funny and kept them)

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