Places and People.

I would love to go to so many places and try so many things, I’d love to learn a million languages and be able to hear the stories of everyone I meet.

Everyone is inspiring and I want to be inspired.

The world is such a big place, with so many wonderful things!

I want to go live with a Zulu tribe where I am the brightest, whitest and shortest person there!

I want them to laugh at me jump!

I want to have a high noon tea with posh english women.

and fit in!

I want to live with the bajau people who live on the water and sustain themselves with whats available in it.

for at least a month.

Sometimes I think I am a rather boring person sitting around, concerned with things like clothes and checking Facebook when there are people running naked through the desert hunting their own meals!

Now those people are inspiring!

I’d love to meet a monk, one who had taken a vow of silence, I’d just follow him around, soaking up the peace that I assume oozes from people with such a value on serenity.

I’d like to meet an italian mama, one who is powerful and boisterous, listen to her yell as she cooks the most amazingly delicious food.

I’d love to meet a brilliant china man. Not one in a suit who works for apple, but one who squats in the back streets making hand-made goods to sell for his child’s education.

I’d love to go to Ethiopia and really FEEL for the people.

It would be nice to get in touch with my humanity.

I’d like to go to india and feel like an indian princess in the sweltering yet mystical heat.

I’d like to go to Africa and come face to face with something that could be deadly yet awfully exciting.

I’d like to go to England, purely because I like gloomy weather.

I’d like to go to Venice and see their drowning city, because I think it must be a sad place.

I’d like to go to Germany, because that’s where Yager comes from.

I want to go to France and taste the most spectacular desserts.


So many fascinating people and places, I’d love to be able to experience it all someday.

So while I admire so many different people and races, their differences are amazing, I will make sure I appreciate what I have right here, right now, because after all, what I have got is pretty amazing too.

And I don’t have to go anywhere to know it.

2 thoughts on “Places and People.

  1. You need to make a bucket list Christie – all the things you want to do before you die! Have you seen the movie? It’s really good – has Morgan Freeman in it. I’ve been to alot of places that I thought I would only ever dream about – so don’t give up on your dreams!

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