Little Sister.


This is my little sister Nicole. She’s also known as Yager. I wonder what the fascination is?

19 months between us.

My sister and I are creative to say the least. When we were young we did the most strange and amazing things, when we liked each other that is. When we didn’t it was war. And not normal war, full-out murder each other!

(Sometimes we still do some amazing and strange things!)

The best thing about having a sister? When you grow up you have a best friend who doesn’t even care that you tried to murder her.

And vice versa.

We once had a fight over…hmm…I have no idea what; then I chased her around our house with a saw. She was screaming murder and I was going to do it! (Catch her and saw her arm off?…well perhaps.) She has thrown (more like speared) pool ques at me which left a nice hole in my brand new bedroom wall. We’ve hit each other in the head with atlas’ and puzzle boards. Kicked each other in the shins, pulled hair and I still wear a scar on my right hand from the deadly scratches of our finger nail fights.

We’d hate each other so passionately, but within minutes we’d be giggling and best friends again. Mum didn’t even raise an eyebrow when we began to fight, she’d say ‘Get outside so you don’t get blood on the carpet.” And she meant it.

We’d hunt bees together, dressed in ten layers of clothing, washing up gloves and hats with fly mesh over them. We’d steal dogs from people’s backyards to keep for our own, except mum would make us go door to door trying to find its owner (we’d walk the opposite end of the street to the one we knew it was from.) One I named ‘casserole’ because that was what we fed it. Which I also totally stole that scenario from an episode of Neighbours. (I think it was Carl and Susan’s kids who found a dog and did it. I told you I loved Neighbours.)

We played the most amazing imaginary games ever!

We once found some chalk rock and changed the speed limit on the road from 60 to 100. We thought it was the funniest thing ever. Only it was really obvious. And stupid. If it had worked. Which we thought it would.

We would pick vegetables from our veggie patch at home and fill an old pram and walk the streets selling veggies -and stolen lemons from our nans tree- so how much does a bunch of caterpillar ridden spinach tied with used hair bands cost these days?


and lemons?

well 1 for $1 or 3 for $5.

We were so proud when an old lady bought 3 of our lemons only she paid for them individually so we only got $3.00. Sheesh,  little innocent children ripped off by grannies! I got $2.50 and Nicole got 50c because I was the boss after all.

Christmas time was great! The time before it was, the day itself was boring. By the time we actually got to christmas day we had already unwrapped, tested and played with everything we were getting unbeknown to our parents until a few years ago.

I guess we were little brats.

I guess I should say sorry to her too.

Sure fire way to get her to cry? I’d call her a lesbian. She hated it. I thought it was the funniest thing ever! Sorry Nic, I know your not a lesbian. And even if you were I wouldn’t have cared.

I also tried to totally scare her from going to highschool (I don’t know why I thought it would work, because it is compulsory.) I said she had pasty legs and knobbly knees and no one would like her. I didn’t like that she would follow me into schools 2 years after I’d already started. She wasn’t exactly the coolest young thing to have tagging along.

But she’s turned out to be one hot mama!

My little sister is now -always was- one of the most amazing people I know. I’m happy to be around her all the time. Her view of the world never ceases to amaze me. Nicole you have such a unique femininity about you, your such a funky chick. I totally love that you think you could survive stranded in the desert, living off your own residue breast milk.

It could work….?!

I always have so much fun when we hang out, you have a carefree vibe that is really fun to be around. You’ve turned into an awesome person and mother and I am so proud of you!….now.


I wish everyone had a chance to get to know you because I know for a fact EVERYONE would adore you!

Your funny, your kind, you’re so funny!

Sorry I HAD to include this!

I guess I should also say thank you. You have been there for me in some very hard times. I remember when I lived in youth housing, I remember you stealing food from home to bring me. I guess you’ll never know how much I appreciated it at the time, I doubt you totally understood what was going on.

You always have time for me and listen to me complain or sook about whatever I need to, and I hope you know that I am here to do the same for you.

I think it is great how we can spend a whole day together laughing and being well, idiots really. I like that we are similar enough for our kids to feel comfortable with each of us, I like that we’re sisters.

And thank you! You made me an aunty to one of the most original souls ever!


Your so lucky she is all yours and I am so thankful I can be a part of her life! She is just as unique as you are and just as beautiful. I feel like she is part of me too, like my own girls are.

She has so much personality. That doesn’t even begin to cover it.

She's an artist!

The way she walks around and is fascinated in so many things it makes me see the world differently, trying to see it though Lil’s eyes is like living on a different planet!

Jedi master.

Like you, Lilly is going to be one very sort after young lady. People just like to be around you. You just make people smile.

It’s like a little magnet.

I cannot think how to express how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me. You make me smile, you make me laugh. I miss you tonnes and love you too!

You and Lilly mean so much to me.

You’ll never know how much.


Well I know I am very lucky to have you as my sister. And I can’t wait until we are home so we can do everything together again, and our little ones can grow up together and hopefully be as close as we are.

(Hurry up and get a new mobile! Don’t let this one end up in a puddle!)

4 thoughts on “Little Sister.

  1. THANKYOU CRISTIE! you have made my day!!!!!!! i needed to hear that!n im so happy i make you feel like that you know u are my bestest friend in the whole wide world! xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooxooxoxooxoox

    1. Awww! AND THAT just made my day! 😀 So glad you liked it, I was worried because I didn’t think it was enough, but I just can’t describe you and how great you are! I’m just lucky your MY sister. If you weren’t you’d be my second BFF lol (you and nai)

  2. It’s great Christie that you acknowledge what a great relationship that you have with Nicole – too often we don’t let the one’s we love know how we really feel about them! Nicole is very lucky for you to share your feelings about her with everyone! I love my sister and brother dearly and wouldn’t be without either of them – and have some great memories too of growing up!

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