Sponge Baby Square Pants.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a little one can learn from a slightly bigger one. I watched Violet 3, army crawl across our pavers, come to a halt once her head crashed into the bbq because of course she was watching where she was going -the ground- pick up the plastic trailer from her trike and place it on her head. I then began to smirk as Molly 2 next month, replayed the exact things Violet did. Even the head crash, which obviously she thinks her bigger cool sister did on purpose.

Sophie used to be shadowed by Violet. Violet would just repeat everything Sophie said. You would have to get Violet alone to have a conversation with her as an individual, if not she would just be Sophie’s little chipmunk voiced echo. She did everything Sophie did too. But now it is Violet’s turn to be leader. It’s nice that they get to take turns in each role. She’s teaching Molly some really great things, like how to ride a scooter, that it is cool to wear a hoodie jumper with jeans (yes, they have to wear the same or similar clothes) she has taught her how to turn the tap on in the bathroom and get a drink. She has taught her that giggling like a maniac is as fun as it is pointless, sometimes you just have to laugh.

They are such a funny, not to mention naughty pair.

They slap each other in the face. And laugh.

They pull each others hair while cracking up. Until someone cries.

They chase and barge into each other with huge grins. Again until someone cries.

New roller derby champs perhaps?

They play dress ups together, they will wear stuff that is one million times too big for them but both will wear matching santa hats with it.

They fight over Violet’s bike.

*sigh* The fighting over that bike drives me insane. Guess what Molly’s getting for her birthday?!


Everyday I see new things they come up with that they’ve learnt from one another. Everyone says kids are like sponges and it is very true. I know Sophie comes out with some massive words sometimes, I can’t think where she’s heard it until I am in a conversation and I hear myself say it.

 A little light bulb comes on.

I’m just glad I quit swearing years ago!

My girls have conversations with each other. It is some of the funniest stuff you’ve ever heard. They are going through a phase of having Bella either confirm or deny that she is their best friend. The other night while sitting at the dinner table I heard Sophie ask

‘Bella are you my friend?’

“Yes! God.” was Bella’s reply.

“Are you my friend too Bella?’ Violet then says.

“Yes! Violet!!” Bella again (must have been a bad day for her.)

Then as I’m flipping a chicken tenderloin I hear

“Baaala? Fren? Baala Fren?” Molly.

Molly speaks so well for her age, most of it she repeats. But the repeating stage is important I’ve found to help set up the basics for the complicated language she’s learning, she’ll add words to her memory bank forever to come.

She has a whole pile of words and short phrases she can use when she feels like it, but to be a part of the ‘in crowd’ she just mimics a lot.

I think the way she says her sisters names in the cutest. Bella is Baa-like a sheep-la. Sophie she calls So-see. (Which is what Soph used to call herself and I still sometimes do, it stuck.) Violet is Bylet. And Buddy? Well she thinks we are saying Bubby, so she just calls him bubby or baby. She calls her cousin Lily, lila and the little girl next door Pipe. (her name is piper.)

I think talking to your kids is so important.

Like a person not a poodle.

They’ll soak it all up, just got to watch what you say, because a little 3-year-old has no idea what is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ word and you may get a shock when they repeat a ‘bad’ word!

Molly now knows all the actions to that song starts off ‘open, shut them, open shut them…’ You know it? Well my sister showed them when we were back home and they now demand me sing it and do the actions, second time through they all knew the actions!

Molly included.

Those first 5 years are such an awesome time to let them experience a whole bunch of different things, depending on what they are into. Those first 5 years sadly are also very short. They head off to school at 5 and have so many outside influences. This is our time to help shape them and expose them to things we think are appropriate and exciting.

Take walks and talk about the sky, the clouds, the grass, the people you see, the sounds you hear, the smells you smell.

I remember when Bella was a baby I’d take her shopping and let her touch -gasp I know!- the different fabrics of clothing, silky satin, soft cuddly woolen fabrics.

Just to excite her senses.

I’d point out bright and wonderful patterns.

Something I love is smell. Cotton balls with a few drops of coca powder, or citrus juice or coffee or vanilla or whatever! Ask your child to smell it, one at a time and try to tell you what it is.

Its fun and opens up new senses and I think opens them up to letting more in.

Touch is great, like with the fabrics, let them touch, shaving dream is fun and smells awesome! (cheap brands are sticky) let them go crazy with some squirted on a table top (wipes off easy) makes patterns and squish it. Gritty sand, water play!

My girls love water!

I give them a bowl of water and a few utensils and containers and they think its great. Add some food dye and it becomes fantastic, add some dishwashing liquid to create bubbles and its amazing. Add some glitter and it becomes some magical new activity with endless possibilities.


I know I go on and on.

It excites me though the thought that we alone can open up the world to our kids! I don’t want my girls to walk down the street and be blind to all the beauty that is all around them, I want them to walk down the street with their heads held high checking out the beautiful landscapes, soaking in the scents, sights and people.

I want them to get lost in their own heads and day-dream and think about the wonderful places they are.

I want them to walk by a coffee shop, close their eyes and think mmmm what a smell!

Or be able to start-up a conversation with a little old lady because her gardenias smell and look divine.

I want them to know how it feels to be loved.

I want them to know how every emotion they can possibly have feels and how to deal with each.

I want them to have as much experience and exposure to the differences between us all and how fascinating everything and everyone can be depending on their perspective.

I want that for every child.

I’d love for every child to grow up being an accepting, loving, kind, honest and passionate adult, who is open-minded.

I think we ca do that can’t we?



Thank you to everyone who reads my thoughts. Lots of love to you and you are appreciated 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sponge Baby Square Pants.

  1. Your house sounds like so much fun! The stories you tell about your kids are so funny, they sound like such characters. They’re pretty lucky to have a Mum who wants them to explore all avenues of their senses and thoughts. Definately sounds like a great environment in bringing up amazingly unique little humans. I’ll definately take pointers for when I become a Mum! 🙂

    1. Fun and crazy, mostly noisy lol Thanks Abby, they are pretty funny little creatures and they’re all so different. Which is great they teach me so much too! xoxo Thanks for taking time to comment 🙂 Hope you guys are well.

  2. Your kids are so lucky to have a mum that takes the time with that you do! It’s an amazing experience to bring up kids and sadly alot of kids are just forgotten about with parents too busy making money and other meaningless activities! I suppose that’s a benefit of having lots of kids – you get more interesting conversations and behaviours as they mimic each other and as you say – the older ones showing the younger ones new things! What a privilege to be part of that experience! Just wish I was closer so I could share in it!

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