Skinny Sunday 4

So what is Skinny Sunday?

Glen and Cristie are using it to share their progress on their health and weight management. Using Skinny Sunday to keep track of goals achieved or not. They will weigh in and post photos to document their progress each Sunday. Any one wanting some encouragement to lose weight or get into shape is more than welcome to join them!


So how did you go with your third week of Skinny Sunday?

Glen says:”Again, I really didn’t do much except eat a lot of healthy food.”Cristie says: “Great! I had heaps of fun this week, earlier in the week I was like meh, I’ve only lost 4kgs. It didn’t seem like a big number until I went shopping and picked up a 4kg bag of potatoes! The weight was put into perspective. Even one kg is a lot to lose from ones body. I’m learning heaps more about proportions and in general about my health and fitness.”

What are your weight goals?

Glen says: “To gain weight and get into the 90’s, around 95kgs. I don’t want to be a fat 95. An in shape 95.” Cristie says: “I’d like to get back down into the 70’s. I won’t go lower than 70kgs. I like being ‘soft’.”

What changes are you going to make?

Glen says: “Start working out. Get some protein drinks and stuff. Eat healthier food.” Cristie says: “Eat lots of fruit, veg, nuts and lean meat mostly chicken. Start doing some exercises like sit ups and push ups. Start running again, well work up to it. Just be healthier and say no to bad food.”



                                                 Glen                                                                       Cristie

Weight  1st week                    77 kg                                                                      95 kg

 Weight 2nd week                  77 kg                                                                       92 kg

Weight 3rd week                     79 kg                                                                      91 kg

Current weight                     78kg                                                                       89 kg

Difference                                -1 kg                                                                       -2 kg

(rounded to the nearest whole kg)



I love this little summer dress (minus the creases) I am hoping I can wear it for at least a little bit of this summer coming.

 This dress I wore the night Glen and I met.

This outfit I have never worn, but I love it and I can’t wait to wear it! I’m keeping hung up on the wall so I can look at it!

This is what my girls have taken a liking to doing when I’m on the treadmill for my 30 mins. I left all the weird and wonderful clothes out for them to dress up in, so they put on fashion parades for me while I’m walking away! So funny!

(Behind the scene photos?!/pages/Yager-Babies/196004863777995 see them here.)

What do you think of your progress?

Glen says:”Slow. ” Cristie says: ” I’m happy! I have finally clicked with how it all works. I knew it before but now I have the willpower to put it all into practise. I even had a small packet of salt and vinegar chips and a small piece of chocolate cake! I’m getting rid of my off day and if I feel like something I will have a very small bit of whatever it is, but not everyday and I need to be smart about it. Everything I put in I need to consider as fuel that needs to be used. I can’t keep putting it in without burning anything off or it will turn into fat.”

What changes have you noticed? 

Glen says: ”I haven’t really noticed any changes, but I haven’t been very committed either.”  Cristie Says: “I have noticed my taste buds have adjusted. I don’t crave sugar, I actually crave fruit! If I eat something slightly fatty or greasy I feel like it coats my throat with yuck. I feel fresher after a tasty salad. I have so much more energy already! I just wonder what I’ll be like over the coming months, if this is how good I feel already.’

What are your personal rewards and goals you’ve set yourself and why?

Cristie: Once I reached 85 kgs I am going to try on some of my old clothes! At 80 kgs I think I’ll plan a shopping trip for when I reach 75 kgs and go once I reach 75 and maybe buy a cute dress or shoes. I have decided that when I reach 75 kgs I may go hire a personal trainer for a couple of session and once I finally hit 70 kgs I may consider looking into doing a certificate 3 in fitness and a cert 5 in personal training and go do a two-day course in Brisbane and maybe one day become a trainer myself, I’m having so much fun, I want to be able to keep it up and maybe help other mums down the track!

What do you hope to achieve by next Sunday?

Glen: “I’d like to gain at least 1 kg. I’ll exercise more than once and drink my protein shakes.” Cristie: “I hope to lose another 1 kg minimum. I’m so glad I’m in the 80’s now. I’ll keep up my water intake because my skin feels and seems so much better. (I don’t know if it’s the weight loss or the water but I’m reducing my cellulite too! Yay!)


Cristie says:

“I am so glad I am in the 80’s now. It seemed like a distant dream not so long ago. I can see some changes within my body and myself, I feel so energetic and I actually really enjoy exercise so it isn’t hard to motivate myself to do it. The kids have now realised that when I am on the treadmill it is me time and that it is only 30 minutes, I’ve set up the room better so that the treadmill faces out onto our undercover area so they play and ride their bikes around or dance while I walk and they can show me all their tricks and dances.  Works better for me (better than staring at a yellow wall!) and works out better for them too.

Glen says:

“I really want to get motivated and work harder. Still.”


Our diet this week was much better. Even if I cooked something else for everyone, I’d just have salad with chicken or if I wanted what everyone else was having I’d use a small plate and make sure I didn’t pile it up! I’ve been making sure to keep nuts and fruit everywhere so if I feel hungry I snack on that, the kids and Glen do to.

It is nice to know that we are all becoming healthier together.


Simple Things I clicked with this week.

Exercise is actually fun. Especially when you’re doing something you like.

Only put in as much as you know you can burn off. (And surprisingly it is more than you think!)

Being healthier and fitter does not only affect me but my children and husband and all of our futures.

Having full control over what goes into your body is empowering.

Pushing yourself harder as you become fitter is really rewarding.


New week, exciting and scary!

Wish us luck!


Good luck to you!

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