Groovy herbal bath salts.

So I had promised the girls a craft. We had planned to food dye some rice, use glue to draw patterns on our paper then sprinkle our coloured rice over it so we had funky artworks.

Except I realised I had no glue!

and only pink food dye!

Promising a craft activity and not following through in this household is a punishable offence.

So I had to come up with something quick!

I saw the salt, I saw the dye, and I had some herbs.

Lets go!

First gather all your ingredients.

You can get dried herbs at health food stores, online or you could just use pretty essential oils.

Next, place your rock salt into sealable containers with a drop or two of whatever coloured food dye you like, add more for a darker colour or less for a pretty pale shade.

(Don’t eat it like Molly did.)

Close and SHAKE!

Watch the colours come out.

It amazes little people, and they love that loud noise!

Then open it up, add the herbs, or oils you chose.

 Violet picked chamomile, Sophie picked ginger root, Bella picked spearmint and Molly also went for the pretty little chamomile flowers.


Again pop your lid on and shake it baby!

 Once it’s mixed up nicely, grab your little jars or containers and pour it in. We made a funnel to make it easier and less messy, still messy just a little less.

 Once our salts were in their jars we made labels from paper and ribbon and tied it on.

 There you have it groovy herbal bath salts.

Craft crisis averted.

Cute and easy gift for kids to make for family or friends too.

(Sadly we don’t have a bath in our house, so we’ll be sitting in a tub at the bottom of our shower to use them tonight!)

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