Baby smiles.

Such beautiful touching things.

They make you do some shameful things to. You catch a little smirk and all of a sudden you turn into a babbling idiot trying so hard to get them to smile again.

“Where’s your smiles?’ In a weird high-pitched voice.

‘Oh bub, bub, bub, come on…’

So on and so forth.

And it doesn’t matter where you are. You could be in the middle of a shopping centre and bust out your best goofy baby talk. Sure way to be avoided.

Instant Mummy and baby bubble.

I am so bad at it.

Even when I know it’s a ‘wind’ smile I can’t help but try to get Buddy to do it again.

But baby smiles are a tiny bit sad too.

Baby smiles are the first step to growing up.

Newborns don’t smile. So my baby is no longer ‘new’ and from smiles comes giggles, from giggles is rolling, then sitting and ‘ma, ma, ma’s’, then comes standing and ‘dad, dad, dad’ and then of course first steps and there you have it.

Toddler before you know it.

I’m trying hard not to look forward to Buddy’s milestones. I have with every one of the girls. I couldn’t wait until they smiled, rolled over, giggled and walked. It was all so exciting.

But not anymore.

Buddy’s my last baby.

I want him to be a baby for as long as he can be, I want to treasure every minute and store every little bit of it away in my mind.

Time goes by so quickly and it shouldn’t.

I told Glen that I won’t let him walk until after 12 months. He said ‘What you going to do? Knock him over?’


(It’s shown that the longer a baby takes to crawl and walk, basically when they begin to move around, they don’t take in as much information as they do sitting stationary, just watching and listening, hence they are smarter.)

I have scientific evidence just in case I do decide to knock him down. Gently of course. I’m increasing his IQ.

Ok so I won’t prevent him from doing what he needs to do, and I promise I will eventually toilet train him….at 15?….ok fine, between 2 and 3.


His smile is so addictive, as all newish baby smiles are. I can’t stop myself acting like a fool the moment I see his eyes brighten up and his lips begin to quiver at the corners….’Come on, where are they hiding? Bubba, bub, bub, where’s the smiles? oh is it? Is that?…………..’



Heart officially melted.

Whats not to love?

(You can smile Buddy, but thats it!)

5 thoughts on “Baby smiles.

  1. I have a 10 year old daughter, when she was only a few months old she crawled all over the place and would empty shelves full of stuff and make a mess all over. Yeah, she was a busy baby since birth but for every time she did anything? there’d be that cute innocent smile that would let her get away with just about everything! you’re right, it’s an amazing smile 🙂

  2. Yes, Chrisite – enjoy it while you can and keep him as a baby for as long as possible! Wish I was there to get some of them as well!

    1. Oh I know! It would be great to be closer! It’d be great to have an extra set of hands (or two) at the moment. The minute I sit to feed him the others take advantage of the fact I’m out of action for a bit and go nuts! lol

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