The very pinnacle of my happiness. Shot down.

Over the past words like ‘fascinating’ ‘exciting’ ‘interesting’ and even ‘cool’ have been used to describe my life.

Not by me. Ever.

I would more so use mundane, boring, perhaps exhausting.

The pinnacle of my happiness?


Food shopping to be exact.

And it has been shot down by a 23 month old.


The highlight of my week is to go grocery shopping.

Exciting, fascinating stuff hey? And yeah it’s true only ‘cool’ people go shopping so join the club!

I look forward to it, especially having a new baby in the house even getting out to go to the park doesn’t happen as regular as we’d like, but I enjoy being home with my babies but like I said…..

Food shopping is something I look forward to. Groceries and playing at the park, really the only times we leave the house.

Playing for the kids. Shopping for me.

I love having a whole day out.

I LOVE the end result, which sadly doesn’t last long.

Food glorious food


So anyway, my story goes as thus….

The day begun brilliantly, Glen had a work meeting and it was finally announced that he’d received a promotion and he was awarded with a certificate of recognition for 5 years service to the company while they were at it; I’m so very proud.

I fed, cleaned and dressed the small people and sent Bella off to school. So we were all ready to head off when he got home. I was already in a buoyant mood but I was totally floating when the mail man dropped this off just as we were heading down the driveway.

How cute! I ordered it for Buddy and had been waiting for it.

Funny how the thought of grocery shopping excites me so.

I was in a great mood.

On the way I got some pictures of, well; stuff.

Racing coal trains. We beat you! Sucked in Mr.
Janome Mountain...Nai your here with us...;)
Nap time? Anytime.
Its only Violet.
Road trains freak me out...argh!
Finally we arrive at Emerald. An hours drive and I don't mind it one bit!

So we pull up in the car park and Buddy needs a feed. Once he’s fed we head into the shops, I’d love to lazily walk by every window and mentally shop til I drop but it’s best to do a man shop with 4 kids in tow.

(not that I’ve EVER seen a man shop with 4 kids.)

Get in, do what needs to be done, get out.

So man shop it is.

We grab our double baby slash toddler trolley and head to the meat section.

Ahh happiness, cool shopping centre air how I love you, the colours, the smells, your floors which are mopped daily how I envy you. Shopping without a list, is just an exciting challenge. I got 3 whole chickens, some tenderloins and other stuff I can’t remember, who cares? This is shopping baby.

Meat section down.

Frozen section *giggle* It’s so cold! And invigorating, I like the mad quick dashes for frozen veg and berries. Hoping that you get the right one and don’t need to stick yourself back into it again. Its cold the first time freezing the second. Third time I ask Sophie, she’s just as cold but loves to help. Violet’s got little goose bumps but giggles away, I think I may have breathed a little foggy steam…….

Bread section we decide on home-made pizzas for dinner. I’m thinking parmesan sprinkling, mushrooms slicing, garlic crushing, tomato roasting……



 Molly begins.

*sigh* Not again, she’s done it to me the last 2 shopping trips. I am fully aware that I cannot shop on my own with 4 kids 4 and under until my smallest is sitting. Thats just my rules. It is too tricky until then.

That’s IF they’re behaved.

I can have two in the trolley sitting nicely, I’ll chat to them, show them interesting fruits or packaging, the occasional random monster ‘grr’ and tickle, whilst my bigger ones hold the side asking what they can pick off the shelf for me next or if it is their turn to choose the apples, I look over their pretty little heads smiling feeling an overwhelming proudness fill my heart, what angels…

but, (I strongly dislike buts)

Molly has decided she’s not the shopping kind it seems.

And she lets us know.

Last shopping trip an unpaid for box of Oreos were torn open by a desperate dad trying to hush the complaining and in a hope of getting her to remain still and stop from trying to climb out and dive over the side, I’m sure to ransack shelves and maul passers-by at the ankle. Random toys were given to her to occupy and distract her for only mere moments. Moments where my glowing mummy smile returned only to be melted away into an ugly snarl….you devil child.

(let me remind you that I love my child)

I would not have tackled the situation the way dad did, then again I am not dad, so I let him work it out and just walk further ahead and glance back at him every now and then to see what new tactics he’s whipped out. I look at him with a crying Molly as if I don’t know who they are. I shrug at people and raise my eyebrows in an ‘I’m not related to them’ kind of way, when they look at me then him trying to put the pieces together.

Today she scammed getting out of the trolley totally. The shoes I’d brought with us for her were to small so she was wearing a play suit with stockings underneath, so while I shopped for fresh fruit and veg she was laughing her head off sliding around on the fake yet effective floor boards running into people and being laughed at by dad.

 (and others)

Funny yes?

Funny no.

I snapped at dad and reminded him that her behaviour was not good nor funny, and that her new-found talent of wrapping daddy around her little finger is indeed a bad thing and should not be encouraged as it disables me.

Its true.

I am disabled.

Molly refusing to stay in the trolley means mum cannot shop on her own, Molly deciding to whine and cry and scream until she gets what she wants means?…you guessed it, mum cannot shop on her own. One rebel child is fine if you have ONE child. I do not have one. I have FIVE. So ONE rebel child distracts mum from what FOUR other children are doing. I have 2 arms and only two eyes. Merely human. If those two limbs and two eyeballs are tied up with one?……You see the problem I am sure.

I am hoping this is a phase.

But 3 shopping trips is a little too consistent for my liking.

The pinnacle of my happiness? TOTALLY shot down.

A 23 month old is all it took!

I am hoping I can save the situation.

The sounds that fill that large white room aren’t so inviting with a whining child at hand.

Oh Molly Ann….How I love your cuteness, your curls, your raspberry lips and blueberry eyes….your sweet little giggle and funny skinny legs…..please, oh please?…


Mummy needs to be able to do normal human things like shop for the ingredients of the meals I meticulously cook for you.


It takes so much willpower to seem sane sometimes. Surely I’ll snap in a shameful place sooner or later.

(I am hoping some ones camera is rolling at the time, it will turn up on YouTube sometime down the track, I could then laugh off the fact that I am in a mental institution.)


I sat quietly pondering my predicament while waiting in the McDonald’s drive thru.

How will I ever leave my house alone again?

What if we need something and I have to take the kids?

My life is over!

Quite dramatic the emotions of a drive thru ponder.

As we grabbed the happy meals and drove off I decided that shopping day is still my favorite day despite not having a good experience the past 3 weeks. I enjoy placing all the items up on the conveyor belt in an orderly fashion. I like to pack the trolley so it all fits in like a puzzle. I like watching the amount on the screen increase until it finally stops and I either mentally pat myself on the back at my adding up or estimation at the total. (or think ‘better luck next time.’) It’s fun and I WON’T stop!

Obviously……….. they’d starve.

I breathed in then out. It’s not so bad she’ll get older and I’ll go out then I guess. I’m not a prisoner in my own home purely because I cannot leave. It’s not the end of the world. Its ok, its ok. Don’t worry. It could be worse.

Then Glen hands me a fifty to send me off into subway to get our lunch.

*tear* it really IS that bad!

I don’t want to go to subway, and I don’t want to spend my one day out fighting with children. I don’t want to stay in my house forever, a week yes, forever? no. I want to be able to get bored and say ‘hey lets go window shop girls!’

I want to shop for food.

I want to do it slowly and quietly.

I think I found my solution.

I will go alone, and by this ‘alone’ I mean just me, not alone as in me plus 5 without Glen.


That is the only answer.

Shopping day is MINE.

But then I feel guilty.

No one else wants to stay in the house 7 days a week either. They want to get out too, Sophie likes to help me and Violet keeps me entertained with her high-pitched chatter about, everything really. I like chatting to Buddy laying in the baby seat and watch him slowly drift off to sleep.


 You’re a girl right?


LIKE shopping already!

Oh well, we came home and I unpacked the shopping so our fridge looks full of colour and fresh flavour.


Think I’ll go eat my woes away.


See? My life is nowhere near interesting let alone fascinating.

I’m now off to go retrain my daughters brain. Large dose of retail therapy should do the trick.

Just Mum and Molly.

Think it will work?

Yay or Nay???

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