Skinny Sunday 5

So what is Skinny Sunday?

Glen and Cristie are using it to share their progress on their health and weight management. Using Skinny Sunday to keep track of goals achieved or not. They will weigh in and post photos to document their progress each Sunday. Any one wanting some encouragement to lose weight or get into shape is more than welcome to join them!


So how did you go with your fourth week of Skinny Sunday?

Glen says:”I did a lot of physical work at work this past week. I ate a lot of food too.”Cristie says: “The past week I felt I was a bit slack. I did the minimum required but I had no determination or drive to push past that and really work.”

What are your weight goals?

Glen says: “To gain weight and get into the 90’s, around 95kgs. I don’t want to be a fat 95. An in shape 95.” Cristie says: “I’d like to get back down into the 70’s. I won’t go lower than 70kgs. I like being ‘soft’.”

What changes are you going to make?

Glen says: “Start working out. Get some protein drinks and stuff. Eat healthier food.” Cristie says: “Eat lots of fruit, veg, nuts and lean meat mostly chicken. Start doing some exercises like sit ups and push ups. Start running again, well work up to it. Just be healthier and say no to bad food.”



                                                 Glen                                                                       Cristie

Weight  1st week                    77 kg                                                                      95 kg

 Weight 2nd week                  77 kg                                                                       92 kg

Weight 3rd week                     79 kg                                                                      91 kg

Weight 4th week                     78 kg                                                                       89 kg

Current weight                      79 kg                                                                      88 kg

Difference                                +1 kg                                                                       -1 kg

(rounded to the nearest whole kg)



Glen’s pics.

Glen had a little helper.

Glen says: “The photos were fun. I need to get a tan though.”

Cristie’s pics.

Sophie is getting pretty good at capturing the ‘moment.’

2 weeks ago/this week.

Cristie says:“I can see the difference between the first photo’s at 95 kg to the photo’s this week at 88 kg. I think I need to make sure I am the same distance from the camera next time. 7 kg down!’

(Behind the scene photos?!/pages/YagerBabies/196004863777995 see them here.)

What do you think of your progress?

Glen says:”Just like the hare and the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race.”  Cristie says: “I’m glad I still lost weight, I didn’t think I would. My heart wasn’t in it this week, I still ate the right things but I wasn’t as strict on myself, I still exercised as much as I should but I wasn’t motivated or excited to do it like I have been. I really feel that if I had have been in this mood any earlier on in the skinny sunday weeks I would have faltered and eaten heaps of junk., and just said to myself that I could get away with one day without exercise. My body and taste buds have adjusted now and I like my new food.”

What changes have you noticed? 

Glen says: ”I think my arms are bigger and my man boobs are a bit bigger.”Cristie Says: “I still think it is weird how my taste buds have changed. I have no want what so ever to have a cheese burger which I used to think were so full of flavour! I’m way happier to go for a greek style salad or dried fruits. Physically I have noticed my wrists are thinner. I keep looking at them thinking how skinny they are!’

What do you hope to achieve by next Sunday?

Glen: “I’d like to gain at least 1.5 kg. Try to get back into the 80’s. I’ll exercise more than once and drink my protein shakes.” Cristie: “I hope to get back my motivation and be excited about what I am doing. I am determined to lose this weight and be healthier and more active, I would like to really FEEL like that this week.”


Cristie says:

The decision to lose weight can not be made lightly. It needs to be a whole hearted decision, if not then you’ll make the choice a million times and every time you don’t follow through the decision loses its meaning every single time. You need to decide and stick to it no matter what. I think anyone can lose weight, but not everyone has the will power to just do it.

I struggle with my own will power sometimes, but I know if I take each day at a time it eventually turns into a week, then a month and you can do anything. As long as you want it badly and stick to the promises you make yourself.


This week my new love for lunch is this yummy fresh couscous dish.

Cook your couscous as the packet directs. In a bowl place your frozen veggies (any you like really, the peas and snap peas have a yummy little pop which I like.) I boil my kettle and pour the hot water over them. Basically blanch them, you don’t want them cooked or boiled just defrosted and slightly warm. Drain off the water and add your couscous, then crumble some fat reduced feta over the top. Stir and enjoy. Quick simple, filling and yum! If your still hungry? I sometimes have a whole tomato sliced with salt and pepper on it.


It’s been a month now since Glen and I started Skinny Sunday, despite my lack of enthusiasm last week it’s been quite fun actually. The knowledge that we are trying to do what is best for our health as a whole family is great. Knowing that I am making the right choices to prolong my life and live healthier is great. I look forward to getting healthier and thinner each day that I continue to work hard and eat right. It hasn’t all been easy, but every hard day that I get through makes the next hard day not so difficult to get past.

It becomes easier and easier.

We all will go through difficult times in our lives and losing weight and saying ‘no’ to ourselves can sometimes be one of the hardest.

Just remember that it is possible and you really are capable of anything.


New week, exciting and scary!

Wish us luck!


Good luck to you!

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