Best/Biggest day of my life.

So our wedding day began at 1.50am when my waters dramatically burst.

In an attempt to do at least one traditional thing Glen stayed in Bellingen with his dad, uncle and brother the night before the wedding. His dad drove him back to our rented beach townhouse in Sawtell at 2.30amish.

We arrived at the maternity ward at roughly 3 am.

Buddy Robert was born at 5.05am via a natural waterbirth. He weighed 8 pound 15 ounce measuring 56cm.

We welcomed our handsome little man while I rested a little.

With some encouragement from the midwives we finally decided our wedding would go ahead. The maternity ward supervisor asked our permission for the newspaper to be present as they’d heard about what had happened through our photographer.

We said it was ok.

My sister Nicole brought everything to the hospital for me to get ready.

I used foam balls and fake flowers bought from crazy clarks to make all our flowers.

She even brought one of our 3 wedding cakes to the hospital so Glen and I could cut it together as I wouldn’t be at my own reception!

Traditional french recipe. Hazelnut slice.

My little sister Nicole and little brother Matt where there to help me get ready.

And then so were the newspaper people!

I finally admit, I didn’t scrub up to bad considering I’d had Buddy a few hours earlier. It would have been nice to not still look pregnant however! Thank you so much to Trish from Jetty Images. I would have accepted no one except you!

So our wedding went ahead, with our loved ones -and a crowd of random onlookers-  there to witness it all. It was the most crazy, whacked together wedding, considering how meticulously I had planned everything previous to Buddy’s birth.

My mum in the green dress with Aussie her bf to the left of her, my uncle Rodney behind them. My baby sis Gracie in front, Riley my little brother in the black shirt, My uncle in the white shirt, with my aunt to the left of him. My beautiful cousins Sarah with brown hair and Laylah the blonde. xoxox Guys!

Yet I wouldn’t change a thing, it was fun and lovely, loving and totally us.

Bare foot wedding, saved a bundle on shoes.

Our theme was for everyone to be themselves. I didn’t want a huge fancy dress, I didn’t even want shoes. I bought my dress, my daughter’s dresses and my sister’s all from target. I made all of our flowers and half of my own jewellery, the other half I bought from eBay for 25 bucks. I’d hand-made all our invites and designed all the decorations for the reception which my brother Matt made sure were perfect even though I wasn’t there. Thank you Matt you make me proud!I had done all the little girls hair the night before. I did my own make-up and luckily my ‘after birth’ hair looks ok because I didn’t get time to brush it!

Despite the event it turned into with Buddy’s early arrival, our plan was not to have a fancy ‘do’ but a small intimate and unique ceremony.

It wasn’t about money or things, it was about love.

We just wanted to be married.

Buddy wasn't allowed to leave the Maternity ward but the beautiful midwives made sure he got to see a little bit of the ceremony so we could let him know that he was there.

Finally husband and wife. Glen proposed just a few weeks after we met. Its only taken us a few attempts and a few years to finally get there.

Petal cannons!

It is a little surreal changing newborn nappies and breastfeeding in between your own wedding ceremony and photo shoots.

The day was beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing. Buddy’s perfect. Our day was perfect and our girls still got to have ‘their’ wedding.


Sophie, Violet, Bella

Thank you to everyone who helped look after my girls. Especially my best friend Nai and my sister Nicole. I was so worried for them, they’d expected to wake up and get ready for a wedding instead they woke to find mummy gone. I was so happy when they finally arrived to meet Buddy.

Finally all we were all together again.

And they lived happily ever after……………………………………

as new as a newborn can get and as shiny as shiny wedding bands can get.

The end.

Not really! There’s always more!

 (I slept so well that night in between changes and feeds!)

(More pictures soon too, I’ll keep you updated on Facebook.)

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