Happy Father’s Day

I think that Father’s and Mother’s day, like Christmas, Easter and birthdays are all about the kids.

But in a different way.

For Christmas, Easter and birthdays kids always expect so much. Their happy bright eyes filled with excitement and wonder make us want to give too. It’s enjoyable for us as parents to see them get things they’ve wanted or needed. It fills you up with joy knowing your making them happy. Watching them tear open a present in fits of giggles, a present that we have taken time to pick out for them hoping they will like it, well it’s just plain awesome.

Even if it is just pointless objects they get. We’re doing it because we love them and care for them. And we are hoping they know it.

I love to give, I think it is so much more rewarding than receiving. I am an awkward gift receiver. I feel uncomfortable to be given something without giving in return. I say thank you a billion times and still feel guilty! On the other hand I’ll give just to make someone smile.

They smile. You smile.

So Mother’s day and Father’s day I like to teach my kids the fun doesn’t stop with getting things, it can actually be more fun to give too!

I took my girls down to crazy clarks and let them choose their own gifts for father’s day, they had a good time and took a LONG time picking out what they each thought was a perfect present to show their love and appreciation of all dad does for us.

Violet was first to hone in on what she thought was the perfect gift. A hand-held, battery operated fan. It also had funky disco lights. AND it was green, Violet’s favorite colour, why? Because it is Daddy’s favorite colour.

Sophie then found another handy gift, a key ring which had a pen and a clip on stretchy thing. I’m sure men know what it is for. It also was green.

Bella picked out his favorite chocolates and lollies and then a general decision was made to also buy a mini clip on book light.

They were all very proud with their choices and I was proud that they took the time to think about what dad might need or want.

We then came home and they wrapped their pressies on their own.

We even tested his presents!

It didn’t matter that they weren’t perfect, it’s all the more heartfelt and personal. They shared and helped each other; an unexpected bonus.

Lots of love; girls xoxo

We woke up early so dad could sleep in while we made a mess in the kitchen to make him some of our famous pancakes. (So fluffy and delicious! My recipe is somewhere here in the blog, if you care to search.)

Then we broke in and ‘gently’ tried to wake dad. Ok so it wasn’t gentle at all! Molly walked straight up to Glen, said ‘DAD! Here-arrrrr!’ and shoved her present in his sleeping face. He got the hint quickly and began to stir and so did Buddy. Opps.


The girls lined up to give him all their little pressies and hand-made cards. Glen smiled the whole time (and yawned) the girls smiles were just as big if not bigger! They love to give too and I love to see them give and give happily. They didn’t try to open his presents for him but were excited to watch him open them.

We did get him something useful. A new pair of sunnies, his last are more than 3 yrs old! I have no idea how he saw through them.__

I’m so very proud of my girls learning to help, share and give.

As parent’s we like to feel like we have a special day for ourselves but the day we became parents it all became about them. It is nice for them to have days like Mother’s and Father’s day to show their love and appreciation do some little special things for us too.

They learn from us. Each and everyday. To be able to sit back on Mother’s and Father’s day and think of the lessons our little ones have learned from us is the real gift.

My girls had a good morning and I think Daddy may have too!

Hope you had a happy Father’s day!

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