Bella’s easy peasy 10th Birthday cake.

If I don’t have time to make a cake from scratch (or my kids don’t have a specific cake in mind) I do it the lazy way.

I refuse to have someone else make and decorate the whole cake.

Where’s the love in that?

It is easy, effective, saves SO much time and I know it’s moist and delicious and NEVER burnt.

I know what your thinking, lazy, slack, how could she?! Well if you ever find yourself in a cake pickle and need of a quick fix someday this will be the first thing that pops into your mind and you know what? Your life will never be the same again.

If you’d like to make it here’s how….

  • You’ll need woolies or coles pre-made mud cakes any flavour you choose, I’m using caramel and white choc. I’m using 2, you could use more or less.
  • Some pre-made icing, I used the Betty Crocker one, it comes in choc or vanilla. The vanilla is good as you can add food dye and make it any colour you like.
  • Some decoration stuff. I have candy flowers and pink decorating icing.
  • Something pretty to put it on.

So first of all you’ll need to gather your ingredients and tools, you’ll need some assistants. I have 2, as my third is asleep, you can use as many as you’d like, I also have an adorable spectator on hand today too.

Next unwrap and layer your cakes, making sure they’re even.

Now it’s time to give your mismatched cake an even look. Slather on the yummy icing. (Make sure a little is left over for your assistants, if not you run the risk of your finished cake being attack while your back is turned. Best to make them feel sick now.)

Now that you have it looking like one big boring cake (Bella doesn’t know that there is caramel AND white chocolate hidden in there.)

 You can decorate.

First we put on the pink icing. My spectator decided he wanted a closer view.

Once we had all our pink icing spots we applied the candy flowers on top.

Then we decorated the plate! Viola! Ready for candles.

We took a little time to be cute since we’d saved so much on baking time and it’s always nice to capture memories we can look back on forever!

Happy 10th birthday Little Miss Bella Mai!

The options for a cake like this are endless! Change the colours, use sprinkles, make 3 high or just 1, whatever you want. Here are some other I’ve made over the years.

For these I’ve done things like cut the cakes in half to layer them, used sponge or different shapes. For the green and white cake I melted white chocolate coloured half green spread it across some baking paper and put it in the fridge to set, broken it up and placed it around the cake and used ribbon to help hold it. Crumbled some flake, used fruit the is no end to how creative you can get. My only advice? Work quickly in the heat! I have two good examples of why in that lot of pictures.

Happy cake making!

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