Mud pies? Close enough……

So we had no mud. It rarely rains here.

We wanted to make mud pies.

My sister and I used to have the perfect pothole, a dusty little bowl at my nan’s house. We’d grab the hose fill it up, strip off and sit in that muddy hole making gritty mud pies. We had hours of fun caking it in our hair and over our whole selves.

So no rain, no mud.

 (I wasn’t showing my kids how to use the hose to make a mess.)

We improvised.

We made sloppy floury cupcakes.

If you want to make some and be entertained for a long, long, LONG time this is what you need.

  •  large bowl of food dye coloured water. (my girls wanted pink mud for their cupcakes.)
  • Flour
  • We also used some old rice I found in the back of the cupboard and some sea salt for ‘mud texture’
  • Lots of utensils, bowls and containers, some patty pans, anything that can be used to mixed, stir, pour or make general mess.
I think our arts and crafts table has seen better days!

Only thing left to do is play.

They imagined they were making wedding cakes that were ‘late’ for the wedding, then they were cafe` owners making cupcakes for customers.

Then they put their hands in it and flicked it at each other!

Then they had a shower before it dried in the arm, leg and head hair.

(I have experience with that! Not pretty. NEVER let it dry.)


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