The Original Yager Babies.

Matto, Cristie, Nicole. Aka nick, matt, patty whack as our parents would call us.

This is my family. We are the original Yager Babies. And I am so proud to say they are my family, blood related and there for each other always.

Matt is such a mature young man I am so very proud of my little brother. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, he is very smart, responsible and simple has his head screwed on. He’s awesome with his little nieces and new nephew he’ll make the best dad someday. He has the utmost respect for woman and should he not have, I would have made sure to correct that!  I remember the night my mum went into labour with him, the night before Mother’s day in 1992. I was 8 years old, mum left and came back a day or so later saying He’d been born Mother’s day such a sweet little present! I remember lots and lots of people coming to see him but I don’t think I saw him up close for a few weeks at least. He was such a cute little pain, little freckles and mum’s famous bowl hair cut. He was prone to broken bones. A few broken arms (I am aware that he only has two but I mean he had a broken arm on 3 occasions, not 3 broken arms at once, but you knew that!) even a broken leg when he was still in nappies. My friend and I would run screaming from him and he’d come clumping after us with his foot to thigh cast on. Clunk, clunk, clunk. His arm cast he’d use to clobber Nicole and myself over the head with, if we cried and told him we would tell mum, he’d hug us and tell us he loved us so much, how could we resist? He was adorable! He wanted to marry one of my friend’s in particular, he’d bring her chocolate, lollies and cool toys and neglect me totally. But the moment she’d leave he’d be my little friend again.

Nicole, well she’s my closest friend. She’s a doll. You’ll never find anyone as genuine or caring, kind and giving as Nic, even if she is off with the fairys most of the time. I can tell her anything and she’ll always listen. She is the greatest little mum to her own Yager Baby too. I don’t remember much from mum being pregnant with her as I was only 19 months! I do have a memory of mum walking back and forth in my grandmother’s house slightly distressed and largely pregnant, but I don’t know if that’s some made up memory as it is really vague. We were great pals when we wanted to be, and the best of enemies if we didn’t. She’d take my stuff and I’d get in trouble for going after her, she’d quietly poke me over and over or say things behind mum and dads back and the moment I opened my mouth -loudly- to retaliate; I was in trouble. She was a sneaky little thing and she was such a cutie too which I find helps when attempting to get away with things! I’m sure I was mean to her too, I just don’t remember it as clearly as her being mean to me! Like Matt, Nicole was accident prone. I remember one particularly disturbing time. We were playing together on our big see saw, we’d put car tyres under each end, so when it hit the ground it bounced us way back up into the sky. We were laughing our heads off like maniacs until Nicole hit the tyre and wasn’t holding on properly she rebounded and face planted into the board in front of her. I had a slight shot of panic course through my belly until I thought she was laughing again. I figured she was ok and began laughing again until mum came running out, grabbed Nicole and screamed at me for laughing!

She had blood pouring from her mouth, she’d put her teeth through her bottom lip and needed to go to hospital and have it glued back together.

Sorry for laughing at your misfortune Nicole. I’m not sure if I ever said sorry for that!

I cannot express to you how grateful I am to have them both in my life. I would do anything for them and travel the world over if ever they needed me.

And I am confident they would do the same for me.

Such beautiful people. Together we have been through a lot and together we have supported each other and together we can conquer any tough times, celebrate good times and laugh about the rest.

Together we are great.

No one will ever get me like they do.

There is such a great distance between us at the moment and I feel the magnets pulling me, willing me home so I can look after them and feed them. It’s what I love to do most, listen to them tell me about anything and everything, I love to cook big family dinners that bring us all together to laugh and be free.

We can totally be ourselves in our little circle. It doesn’t matter what we say, if its stupid we’ll pause, let it sink in and then laugh. If it’s sad, well pause let it sink in and then comfort each other.

They know who I am and I know who they are, I don’t care what they do or say they’ll always mean the world to me.

I adore and miss them both desperately. We could spend forever in each others company and never get bored. We are all we need to be whole.

It’s a peaceful and comforting to know.

I love you Matto and I miss you heaps, look after yourself as well as I would!

crazy eyes!

I miss you tonnes Nic, I love you and Lil’s, don’t second guess yourself. Your so much braver than you think you are.

You both make me proud!

The original Yager Babies.

Always and Forever.


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