Good Ole Billy

I don’t want to write too much as I am not sure at all that is my place to say a single thing, but I felt I wanted to write ‘something’ because I cannot pretend it hasn’t happened.

Glen’s Pop, William aka Billy has peacefully passed away.

Only a 102! I think he deserves a break.

It is a sad day for us especially poor Glen, and I cannot imagine how sad the rest of his family is, they’re going to miss him so much. He was such a big part of their lives for such a long time. I am thankful to him because I know where Glen and his dad got their sense of humour from. Billy was a funny guy. I remember at a family bbq he picked up a whole chunk of pate and was going to take a bite out of it. Nan, with Molly in her arms tried to fight him to get it back screeching at him to put it down. I felt rude as I tried to hide a giggle and a smirk.

Give the man his pate!

Only the young and weak use biccies to eat pate!

Then later at that same bbq Glen and his dad tried sneaking his ice cream away from him. Such bullies! He protected it though and hung onto his beloved ice cream.

Those are some of my little memories, imagine the stories to be told by his closest family. Fill a book or 10 I’m sure!

He was a sweet man, tears would come to his eyes every time he saw the kids, and he’d say how beautiful and precious they were. He always forgot who I was but would give me a hug and kiss anyway.

So I just want to say to you Billy, thanks for the hard yards you put in over all those many years, thanks for the beautiful family you’ve helped turn out and I’m sorry I never had a chance to get to know you better than I did.

Your going to be missed so much by all your loved ones, I only hope that I get to hang around as long as you did! You’re a lucky man to have seen birthdays, weddings, new grand babies, even great grand babies. Enjoy your time out, and we’ll see you again soon!

We’ll meet you by the shed!

2 thoughts on “Good Ole Billy

  1. Hi Cristie what you wrote was really touching and thankyou from all of us who just read it (Nan, Aunty Marie and Poppy Rob) Loads of love Aunty Lyn & Uncle John xx

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