Molly’s Fairytale Birthday Cake

Ok so I did it again, I made a lazy birthday cake. I’ve gone to some effort to make it LOOK like I’ve put in, well effort, but really I haven’t.

I love the finished product, I love being creative and I love that I have saved loads of time.

Here’s Molly’s 2nd birthday cake.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was going to do with the cake when I started, so I prepared myself. The profiteroles were on special so I grabbed them thinking they’d make for a great little kids cake as no cutting is involved and they can each have a hand sized piece (or two) each. I picked up some little meringues, choc sprinkles, blueberries and Molly’s favorite strawberries.

So First I placed all my profiteroles where I wanted them. Took a couple of tries to place them the way I wanted. (Sophie sneaking some chocolate.)

Next I used the spray icing to stick the meringues to. (I LOVE the spray icing, so fun.)

Once my meringues were in place, I went bonkers with the silver choc sprinkles.

It took me 10 mins to make, and I am certain that if I hadn’t been stopping to take pictures at every step it would have taken far less time.

I like that I can create an individual cake, made with just as much love as a cake from scratch would in an eight of the time. Its fun for me too, I can get as creative as I want. I really liked the way this one turned out. It reminds me of Molly, light, sweet, whimsical and sparkling.


We didn’t use the blueberries or strawberries but we put them to good use.

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