Miss Molly Ann; You’re 2!

Such a pretty baby;

Never had I put a number to the amount of children I’d have, I just thought that having 3 meant that I had the average amount of kids and I was at peace with that.

I don’t think I ever thought about it at all. I didn’t have 3 and say ‘thats it no more’ yet I didn’t have 3 and plan to have any more either.

Just like a whole lot of other things in my life, she was unplanned and awesome.

Just look at the little devil……

Unplanned? Who the heck cares?! I couldn’t ever have planned anything so perfect.


So Bella was 8, Sophie was 23 months old, Violet just 6 months and we’d only just relocated to Queensland. I’d spent weeks packing and cleaning and it took us 5 days to travel from our old home to our new home.

 Only 5 days to move our entire lives.

I’d spent 2 weeks cleaning and UNpacking and getting ourselves settled, I was crankier than normal but I figured moving interstate away from everything we knew with 3 kids may be to blame.

Another week passed. One afternoon as I sat down with a coffee, that fleeting thought breezed through my mind ‘hmm my girlie things should be due soon…..’

Soon?….Yeah like REALLY soon, really, really soon….when did I last have them?

Within moments it was the only thing I could think about. I immediately went out and bought a couple of tests, I immediately came home and did them and immediately I got an answer.


Such a small insignificant symbol that changes whole lives.

I’d been so caught up with what we were doing I hadn’t even taken notice of my own body.

Holy moly, here we go again. Was basically the only thing I could think.

I couldn’t tell Glen. Well not in words. I tried, then I cried and then he said ‘You’re pregnant.’ I cried some more and nodded. He smiled and said it was great and then began telling everyone!

Well to say the least his reaction made me feel a little better about it.

So Molly my fourth baby, the one who blew everything I knew out of the water. Once I passed that unspoken yet very valid line between 3 children to 4, well it was no problem to plan in Buddy.


Your cheeky and funny and such a giggle pot. You’re a bit of a diva and yes you get on my nerves, you don’t like no for an answer and most of the time your like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Your always into everything and so far the most difficult child I’ve had yet!

Your also the best cuddler, you’re a petite little thing with the most beautiful smile, your lovely curls and ash blonde hair, my tiny sweet Molly Ann.

Your high-pitched giggles and the way you scrunch your face up and laugh at naughty things is irresistable.

I love you little Miss and I hope you have a great 2nd birthday, I know you won’t be able to remember it but I made sure to get plenty of snaps so one day you can look back and know that you were showered with extra love on your extra special day!


Your day began with daddy’s bacon and eggs (with Father’s day, Bella’s and Mum’s birthday we were tired of birthday pancakes.) Then some presents.

Then we got ourselves organised and went out for a picnic lunch and bushwalk.

(Mum and Dad knew they’d need a little extra pep.)

Turns out mum is the only one not afraid of goannas. She knows that they are dangerous and has seen the damage they have can do to people but considering no one else was going to get him to move along (as he was only a couple of feet from us and our picnic) someone had to!

 He was interesting to watch though.

We were all so enthusiastic to go on the 2 kilometre walk through yowie infested bushland -I’ll clarify in a later post- down to the beautiful water holes.

We had a few pit stops to check out the pretty surroundings.

Dads turn with the camera. The water was icy but so refreshing! We watched row-boat bugs, tadpoles, and stick bugs. We explored and swam and listened to kookaburras.

Then our backpack took a few family snaps of us all before we headed back.

P.s there are no photos on the way back because we had 3 tired crying children and only 2 adults. At one point mum carried Violet AND molly while dad carried the camera and backpack and Bella pushed Buddy. Then Molly was in the pram and mum carried Buddy while Violet whined -loudly- Molly then screamed and fought to get out so Violet hopped in, with Bella pushing so dad could carry Molly. I then piggy backed Violet when Buddy hopped back into the stroller and dad carried Molly. (Thank you Bella and Sophie for being big girls!) At one point I plonked myself down beside the track to feed Buddy, I was seriously thinking we’d never reach the car park. I had no problems sleeping with the goannas but I’m not sure how my princesses would have liked it. (No offense Glen) And that was only 5 minutes into the way back!

Finally we made it.

After chineese for dinner it wasfinally  CAKE time. (Cake is the only thing Molly wanted, all day we’d say ‘it’s your birthday Molly, yay!’ she’d reply ‘eat cake?’)

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Molly, Happy birthday to you!

Hip hip hooray!

Make a wish!





Happy birthday!

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