My fave child?

Back in the day when it was just Bella and I getting around on our lonesome, she was totally my favorite child. I loved her to death, and would do everything she asked. I spoiled her rotten -and I’m not afraid to admit that- she was my very best little friend.

I always told myself that I COULDN’T have more children because I loved her so much and didn’t want her to ever have to share all that love. I didn’t know if I could love another child as much as I loved and cherished her. I felt like if I had more kids it would affect her in negative ways, and that I wouldn’t like them!

Then she turned five and for some reason my cluckyness kicked in big time. I HAD to have a baby it was the only thing I could think about. So Sophie was planned and next thing I know I have a new beautiful daughter.

I loved that Bella had started her first year of school just a month after Sophie was born. Perfect; Sophie was my favorite during the day and I over compensated and made Bella my favorite when she came home.


I watched 7pm project tonight and saw that they’d asked the hard question.

Do parents have a favorite child?

Turns out a dads favorite child is most likely his youngest daughter. A mum is more likely to favour her eldest son. And a middle child is least likely to be anyones favorite.

In a poll asking do you have a favorite child? The results are as follows (don’t quote me on exact percentages as I was taking notes as they spoke)

50% said ‘no’ they didn’t have a favorite child (Liars)

17% said yes (Don’t feel bad)

33% said ‘no’ but meant ‘yes’ (Thats more like it)

(Do those percentages equal 100?)

Any who; So I thought about the question and tried to be honest and answer it myself.

Immediately I thought of Buddy (which adds weight to the fact about mothers favouring their eldest son. How about only son?) but I also think I have a soft spot for him because he is my youngest, my only boy AND I came so close to loosing him (see please immunise your babies.) He also LOVES me and looks at me with such adoration and just loves mummy cuddles.

I then thought of Sophie, I have a soft spot for her too as I had desperately wanted another baby and I had so much free quality time with her when she was so small, she’s the best cuddler and has such a sweet nature. But then again she can get a mean streak and be a bit of a bully which I don’t like at all.

Next came to mind Violet. Yes she’s my favorite because I feel bad that she is literally our middle child, two older and two younger. Smack bang in the middle the poor baby, I don’t like the idea of middle child syndrome and Jan from the brady bunch freaks me out. I plan to make a point of Violet being my favorite so she doesn’t start having weird internal conversations. She gets cranky and grinds her teeth and scrunches up her face and makes fists out of frustration then lets out a high ear piercing squeal. Are all middle children like this? Maybe it’s the noise they make to get attention which causes them to be the least favorite.

Molly and Bella sadly were thought of last. Purely because they pester me non stop. Both can give me a head ache in seconds and both annoy their sisters for no reason at all. Neither listen to me and both go behind my back and get into things. They challenge me and I like that. I wouldn’t learn a thing from ‘easy’ children. They both happen to be adorable and when good they’re brilliant and hard to resist. It is hard to favour a difficult child though.

So favorite, favorite??

Hmm… I like so much about each one and I dislike so much about each one too. I like that they are all my children because regardless of which one is my ‘favorite’ at any given point in time at the end of they day they are all mine.

And all my faves for different reasons.

Its like having a handful of mixed lollies they’re all good but you might want to eat the frogs first.

(Maybe that was a bad comparison, I don’t want to eat my children, but now that I think about it…….Bella would be first; not because I like her least but because Molly is sooo scrawny! Maybe the question should be which child would you eat first? The last one left MUST be the favorite. Molly for sure. She’d be a terrible eat!)

For now my answer is ‘Buddy is my favorite son.’ In a world where we must not say ‘certain’ things, yet be truthful, that’s the closest I’m going to get. Plus he can’t say ‘no’ hedoesn’t scream and isn’t into my pantry pulling things out!


Do you have a favorite child??

And why?!

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