What a day.

All day I’ve been trying to write a post about our day at the park yesterday. I’d write a sentence then be called to some other emergency involving a small person and usually the emergency was that they were hungry (again) or thirsty (still)

My post was to talk about the hellish school holidays we’ve been enjoying and the fact that I would like a little break, some space to think and breathe if only for a couple of hours.

It’s just not happening people.

So right now I have opened a bottle of wine which I’d requested Glen buy on the 18th of September. I’m clearly a big drinker. I couldn’t be bothered using one of my pretty yet rarely used wine glasses so I’m using a cup.

Not a big drinker and nor am I a classy one.

So as I vent, enjoy some park day pictures.

I needed to get out of our house. I CAN NOT keep it clean. It is driving me bonkers. My kids can tell I’m frustrated and take advantage when I’m distracted.

I thought that heading to the park may allow me to get a little thinking space while they were busy, I thought they’d be happy to play and run free. They were quite happy, except I didn’t get the slight peace I thought I would, when Buddy wasn’t on the boob I was rescuing squealing kids from prickles. (They refuse to wear shoes. Goodness knows who they learnt that from.)

*3 hours later*

I only finished that one glass, I mean cup of wine so don’t worry I’m not impaired any more than normal. I also took a moment to look over the park photos. Tip – do not take Oreos as a snack when you plan to get some cute shots (or be seen in public!)

So I’m not so much in need of a vent right now. Glen’s home from work we’ve had dinner and the little ones are all asleep now. But the last couple of weeks have been tough. School holidays suck. These happen to be a little worse than any others, Glens acting supervisor while his boss is on holidays himself. So we’ve had only a couple of days together, not that we’d planned to go away or anything, but hey an extra set of hands with 5 kids, 3 of which are busy toddlers, a 3 month old breast-fed baby, and a disgruntled, repetitive 10-year-old, would be extremely handy. (excuse the pun.)

So park day didn’t turn out to be the relaxing, distraction I needed. Kids liked it however which is great but I’m trying to save my sanity!

My kids are good, but they are kids. I love being a mum but I am a person too.

I need a breather.

Goodness knows I deserve one!

Tomorrow I’m trying out for roller derby, I am afraid, and excited. The excitement outweighs the fear. I HOPE that I love it because I need something just for me, I need to get out and do something so I don’t go loopy.

….well any more loopy than I already am.

So I’m totally distracted watching the renovators (love it) and trying to wind down, I promised myself an early night, before 11pm which is probably why my limitless patience isn’t so limitless at the moment.

So I’ll leave it at that.

I apologise for the lazy post and PROMISE a decent well written post over the next couple of days. Tuesday’s newspaper is going to have an article about our Yager Babies blog which is also exciting, which also means I should step up my game a tad.

Keep an eye out for that step up!

It’s sure to be a great success or a great failure.

Both of which will be interesting to witness.

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