Skinny Sunday 10

So what is Skinny Sunday?

Glen and Cristie are using it to share their progress on their health and weight management. Using Skinny Sunday to keep track of goals achieved or not. They will weigh in and post photos to document their progress each Sunday. Any one wanting some encouragement to lose weight or get into shape is more than welcome to join them!


So how did you go with your ninth week of Skinny Sunday?

Cristie says: “I thought I’d gotten my motivation back at the start of the week but mid-week I didn’t want to exercise. Well I just didn’t get around to it and I didn’t make the effort to MAKE time for it. I began roller derby though.’

What are your weight goals?

Glen says: “To gain weight and get into the 90’s, around 95kgs. I don’t want to be a fat 95. An in shape 95.” Cristie says: “I’d like to get back down into the 70’s. My healthy weight range is between 59 and 71 kgs. So I’ll aim for 70.”

What changes are you going to make?

Glen says: “Start working out. Get some protein drinks and stuff. Eat healthier food.” Cristie says: “Eat lots of fruit, veg, nuts and lean meat mostly chicken. Start doing some exercises like sit ups and push ups. Start running again, well work up to it. Just be healthier and say no to bad food.”



                                                 Glen                                                                       Cristie

Weight  1st week                    77 kg                                                                      95 kg

 Weight 2nd week                  77 kg                                                                       92 kg

Weight 3rd week                     79 kg                                                                      91 kg

Weight 4th week                     78 kg                                                                      89 kg

Weight 5th week                      79 kg                                                                     88 kg

Weight 6th week                       80 kg                                                                   86 kg

Weight  7th week                          ??                                                                     85 kg

Weight 8th week                           ??                                                                     83 kg

Weight 9th week                           ??                                                                     83 kg

Current Weight                     ?? kg                                                                     81 kg

Difference                                 ?? kg                                                                      -2 kg

(rounded to the nearest whole kg)



NO PHOTO’S OF MY AGAIN UNTIL I LOSE THE NEXT 10 KGS! (for impact purposes! Got to think of the entertainment value.)

(Behind the scene photos?!/pages/YagerBabies/196004863777995 see them here.)

What do you think of your progress?

 Cristie says: “Again I am glad I lost weight. Still I am a little surprised. I think running around after 5 kids full stop is a work out in itself and any extra I fit in is a bonus, I only managed an hour on the treadmill this week, but I spent 3 hours on roller skates, I totally found my new exercise, my thighs are killing me and I LOVE it!'”

What changes have you noticed? 

Cristie Says: “The biggest thing I’m noticing at the moment is the way my clothes fit. Everything is getting a little looser soon I’ll need to whip out my extra small-clothes. “

What do you hope to achieve by next Sunday?

Cristie: “Again I hope to lose just 1 kg at least. I’m going to get my hands on a pair of roller skates which are actually quite heavy and train my butt of for roller derby. I think if I concentrate on having fun the rest of the weight will say bye-bye soon enough.’


Cristie says:

Finding something you love and that is fun to do makes working out SO much easier and easier to look forward to.


Calorie King

join it

An awesome website that I became a member of is called I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose, gain or maintain their weight.

It has lessons each week to teach you and educate you on everything from why, how and when we eat, how to motivate yourself and keep moving, why people gain and lose weight and all the health benefits involved with both.

It also has a diary which you can record your exercise and diet. If your into counting calories you can type in any, and I mean ANY australian bought food product and it will tell you how many calories are in it. How much fat, carbs and protein to, so you can pick empty calorie foods or rich nutritious stuff to fuel yourself with.

Anyway, JOIN IT, try it and its FREE!


Next week’s Skinny Sunday is going to have the exact exercises and foods that have helped me lose the weight, I’ll also put up all those horrible photos just to recap the past 2.5 months!

New week, exciting and scary!

Wish us luck!


Good luck to you!

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