Derby Girl.

I went to my first roller derby training day on Saturday. Besides the fact that I cannot skate, I’m  obsessed already.

I found a new passion. (I can hear all the eye rolling from here! Yes, ANOTHER passion.)

I don’t know much about roller derby, I watched 15 minutes of that movie Whip it and turned it off as I thought it was corny (may have to revisit that movie now) Turning up to see the girls gliding around on their roller skates looked so free. They were fast and in control.

Since Saturday I’ve done so much research and I can not get enough.

It is totally me.

I loved seeing them barge each other and can’t wait to get in on the action.

 I had never put roller skates on before in my life and the last time I ice skated I swear I broke my tail bone. I went from clinging onto the rails afraid to let go, to being able to stand steadily on my wheels chatting with the girls -without a rail in sight-who were ever so helpful handing out important tricks of the trade which I hungrily lapped up like a starving little kitty.

At the end of the training they told me their awesome derby names. I was so in awe of their great names and the way they lit up when mentioning them. They suggested I think on it and find something that was ‘me’ first thing that came to mind was Yager Bomb, which is so typical, I’ve been called it all my life, it is the first thing people think of when they hear that Yager is my last name.

(Along with Yagster, YagerMister, Yoda (??) Yoga and anything else that remotely begins with a Y.)

I was pleasantly surprised when all variations of Yager were already taken.

So now I could have a REAL name, not just some variation of my own.

You see there are extremely strict guidelines when selecting a roller derby name. You cannot have the same name as anyone else. In the WORLD! If you REALLY want a name you must obtain written permission from the owner of that name.  There is a register that you must apply for your chosen name.

Through a whole heap of research I have found that a derby name is very important, most derby girls pride themselves on their name, some even get it tattooed just to show their commitment. It must be something that reflects who they are, it must also have a sense of ‘derby’ about it. Becoming a derby girl also has an air of drama, I’ve been told that if your going to fall, fall ‘good’ dramatisation is part of the fun.

Your name must become your alter ego, another you. Anything you want.

So what did I want from a name?

  • I didn’t want it to be anything about being a mum. I want roller derby to be separate of my life. I want it to be my escape.
  • Something cute.
  • Something unique.
  • I didn’t want the essence of ‘skank’ or ‘man killer’
  • I kinda wanted something tough but pretty.

I have a couple in mind but I can’t share them yet. As there is a register if someone beats me to my name. Well I have to start the process all over again.

I’m excited to get fit, have fun and play act another ‘me’ I envision punching people in the face -nicely- with rink rash on my thigh, bleeding from a split lip. Sticking my middle finger up at anyone who boos when I trip up another lady and she lands face first. I’ll use swear words and smack kissed hands to my behind while wearing knee-high socks and booty shorts and terribly applied eyeliner.

everything that I am not in my real mothering life.

I’m feeling alive for the first time in a long while. The routine of everyday life sometimes over takes everything else. I can feel that excited fire simmering away in my belly, I have something to look forward to. There is something about nice girls turning into slightly scary wild people that makes me shudder, I want to get knocked down, I want to knock others down. It is part of the appeal for me!

I’m looking forward to getting my own skates and living in them.

I apologise for my new obsession as I’m sure you’ll hear plenty more about it.


Got any name ideas?

What are YOU passionate about besides parenting?

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