Babies got blue eyes

So I am a huge sucker for big blue eyes.

There is something about them that is so jewel like.

I am glad my kids all ended up with blue eyes. There is a moment when they are still new when I wonder if they may have some colour other than blue, a throw back or something. I’d have loved them still and it wouldn’t have worried me I’m sure.

But I LOVE blue my eyed babies.

I love brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes and all other eyes, but blue?

Pretty blue.

My entire family has blue eyes.

Beautiful cousin Lily.

I spent a month in Indonesia where everyone has brown eyes, black hair. I had people asking if I could see, they thought I was blind with pale eyes! They were fascinated by something different. Eyes are pretty fascinating when you think about it.

Blue eyes are a physical trait that I would look for in a man (and not much else pysically) I once dated a brown-eyed boy and it didn’t work out. I blame it on the eyes. Thank goodness Glen’s are blue or we’d be in a world of trouble.

There was a couple of weeks were I worried that Buddy wouldn’t have blue eyes, the way the light hit them sometimes they looked a little olive.

I need not have worried.

Babies got blue eyes!


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