10 things you really didn’t need to know about me.

So I was tagged by another blogger ‘Mummasays’ to put down 10 things you really didn’t need to know about me. Considering if you read my blog you probably already know 10 things you REALLY didn’t need to know about me; or if you know me in person you know about 10 million things you really, REALLY didn’t need to know about me….

 I guess I will try anyway.

  1. I am not your typical blogger. I don’t do the tagging thing (I don’t know how) I guess you can’t really call my blog a ‘mummy blog’ except in the literal sense that I AM a mummy and I blog. I have maybe 2 blogs that I regularly check out.
  2. My dad once gave me $300 in a plain envelope for christmas with a yellow post it note inside saying “for a years supply of condoms.” He obviously was referring to my numerous children. I being the occasionally smarty pants that I am; looked at him and said “Thanks, one problem. This is but a months worth daddy.”
  3. I don’t like people. As a general rule I find it very difficult to find someone who is genuine, honest and trustworthy. Maybe it is just my trust issues shinning through but I find that most people have ulterior motives to befriending someone (me)
  4. I have only 2 friends. One of them is my sister. So technically I only have one.
  5. I DO NOT under any circumstances allow anyone to know that I fart (there’s is just no nice way to say that.) I think that it is unladylike. I am human and do have the ability TO fart. I just make sure no one knows it. My own husband has heard me once and it was when I was in labour and the unbearable contractions had total control. (so shameful)
  6. I think hate is a horrible word, I think it is too harsh and I think ‘dislike’ or ‘strongly dislike’ is more appropriate. I do however hate my grandmother. If you knew her you’d know why.
  7. I feel like I am a very brave person I am not afraid of bugs, frogs, spiders, snakes, I do not fear being hurt, I think I could take on a burglar pretty well. I AM afraid of heights. Glen, I think at frist didn’t understand that it is a genuine fear. He’s been with me during child-birth. He knows what I am capable of, how in control I usually am, and that I can do just about anything. But drive me up some mountain ranges and I’ll be leaning to which ever side the cliff is not, and my white knuckles will be gripping onto anything they can reach, for dear life. I think he enjoys this one weakness of mine!
  8. I pick my nose in the shower.
  9. I think that having long, long dark hair is my one beautiful trait. (STILL growing)
  10. And finally 10, I have a major thing that you REALLY don’t need to know about me, and I really don’t want you to know it. (don’t stress I was never a man) I had a hard time doing this because I feel as I get older and older there is less about myself that I want to hide. I know I have issues and problems and dealt with some pretty heavy stuff in my time, but really I am not the only person to have ever had a hard time. I don’t feel the need to be ashamed of certain aspects of my life and I like that I can be as open as possible and be appreciated for it.

(so telling people who I share EVERYTHING with anyway was hard to find EXTRA stuff you didn’t need to know)

I guess now that I have filled in the ’10 things you really didn’t need to know about me’ thing, it was kinda fun.

Well for me at least. (I apologise to you dear reader…please come back?!)

There are still a few things you don’t know about me, but I guess the more I write the more I’ll spill. I have things hidden in the depths of this blog that I may re-visit at some point which I know will bring back tears and memories, but at the end of the day if I can use the bad to create good for someone else then ultimately it is worth it.


So??????? What don’t I need to know about you?!

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