Dress ups!

My ultimate dream job?

Fashion designer.

I think women are beautiful creatures. And clothes are like an extension of that beauty. I’ve designed clothes since I was 6 and have thousands of sketches hidden away that I just can not bring myself to get rid of. I’ve not designed much in the past few years but I try to put a bit of effort into what I wear. Well look like I do in the least.

I know how easy it is as a mum to chuck on whatever especially when most of our time is at home. I’ve made sure that my ‘whatever’ just happens to look good.

I don’t do trackies and I’ve limited my jeans to just one pair.

So what do I look for when I go clothes shopping?

Cheapness. quality. A touch of unique.

For this post Bella was my photographer (except for a couple Glen took, I’ll let you know which ones.) We had lots of fun while I attempted to get my ‘model’ on.

So here are just some of my clothes!


Firstly these are some of my ‘going out’ dresses. (They haven’t had much use lately.)

I don’t limit myself as to where I buy my clothes so I don’t miss anything! I once bought a dress from Miller’s (yes, grannies Millers.) for $5, why? Because it wasn’t their typical style for the demographic they target. It was just plain weird when my sister turned up in a dress almost the same which she had paid $80 for in a surf shop. She had never ever thought to even enter Millers.

If you ONLY buy clothes from one place, your seriously cutting out so much beautiful money-saving options. Second hand shops are gold mines for quirky bits and pieces, target and big W get some of their clothes from the same suppliers as some of the pricier places.

Next these are my around the house dresses.

They are cool for our hot weather, and easy to chuck on (easier than trackies AND shirt!!) Plus I have the added bonus of not looking like I just got out of bed if someone happens to knock on my door.

 KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! Beautiful stuff everywhere!

I don’t know what my style would be classed as, besides random. I like all styles. I like clothes in general. I do like bold colours and complicated patterns. Probably because I too, am bright and complicated?

 I’ve been going through a maxi dress phase for the past couple of years. I wore them while pregnant, before AND after. They are great for us mums as they suit almost any body type, hide unshaven legs and as comfy as wearing a sheet!


So what to do when one of your favorite maxi dresses (or any dress really) has lost all its shape and makes YOU look like you have no shape either? This……


Plus when you’ve been wearing the same dress for 3 years it is kind of nice to feel like it’s a little ‘new’ and interesting again.

 My most recent clothing phase as been strapless maxi dresses, much easier for me to wear while breast-feeding! (I know!…worlds apart from the ordinary maxi! Really spicing it up!)

So now that it is starting to heat up, I’m thinking I might see a new phase emerging.


(Which is going to mean I’ll need to invest in some tops.)

Maxi skirt!

 and friends….

 And yes. I am the kind of girl who occasionally has melt downs because ‘I have nothing to wear.’ I keep my clothes for SOOOO long it’s not funny. I’ll go through them sometimes and put away things I don’t wear often, 12 months later pull it all out and be surprised at what I will throw back into the circuit.

I never wear make-up, I don’t do anything with my hair (which is probably obvious.) so I try to make sure I have something I feel nice in to wear. It is good to feel like a woman and it is nice to feel pretty.

Even if we are at home.

One day I’ll design and make clothes for beautiful curvaceous women, not coat hangers (stick models, they’re catered for well enough) Until then ladies and mummies go check out your 2 hand shop, garage sale, big W, whatever!

Have fun and play dress ups!


I know it is easier to slum it as a mum occasionally, but we’re SO important too. First thing I do in the morning is ‘chuck something on’ I have no option BUT to wear a cute dress because I simply don’t own anything else.

Whats your favorite ‘chuck on’ clothes?

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