Adopt a Yager Baby!

The past month or so I’ve been working on some cloth dolls, having a whole heap of girls means a whole lot of dolls.

I wanted them to have something unique and different.

After perfecting my designs they certainly turned out unique and my girls LOVE them.


I do too!

I’ve been asked ‘Where are their arms?!’ They don’t have any! I tried a couple of variations and they did have arms, but Molly my 2-year-old had trouble dressing hers.

So I tried them without arms. It was a little odd. (good) It was really different. (great) Easier for small hands and easy to hug. (perfect)

Too cute not to share! (Plus I enjoy making them and my kids already have 2 each!)

So here are the first Yager Baby cloth dolls.

Each one is hand-made. They take a total of 5 hours from start to finish. I can -on a good day- make one doll per day.

 Two if I sacrifice -extra- sleep.

 They have super soft pink fleece cheeks for snuggling and are made from muslin, stuffed with poly-fill for cuddles.


Each dolls hair takes 2.5 hours alone. Each strand is hand stitched into its head and knotted securely. Their beautiful faces are hand drawn and really make them come alive, no two will ever be the same. They also have a name anklet, and soon they’ll have Baltic amber necklaces (which are anklets/bracelets for your child.)

 They come comfortably and beautifully packaged in their very own ‘bed’ boxes along with a personality card which will tell you all about your Yager Baby, their likes and dislikes, favorites games and if they are naughty or not!

Each doll can be personalised with your child’s name, and eye colour, I like to do the dolls hair in your childs favorite colour then put ‘streaks’ through it the same colour as your child’s hair.

 Or to make things easy order a Bella, Sophie, Violet, Molly or Cousin Lily doll.

Each Yager Baby Doll costs $65

Extra dresses at $5 each or 3 for $12.50

*like* Yager Babies Facebook page or place an order with a friend for a 10% discount

To place an order email me at

I make dolls in the order they are placed. First in best dressed.

 (Already have a few orders so get in quick for christmas. I’ll make sure to let you know where you are placed on the list before you commit.)

Only posting within Australia for now free of charge. Registered or Express postage is at your own cost.

For any information or questions feel free to contact me!


Make sure to keep an eye out I have a new and totally unique toy coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Adopt a Yager Baby!

  1. They are beautiful! Where on earth do you get the time? Good on you! I hope that they go really well for you. Take care, Gwenda

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