The ball is about to roll!

I picked up Sophie’s school enrolment form yesterday, I should have done it last term. I think I’m trying to stall the inevitable just a little. In just 3 months Sophie will be heading off to school.

I still remember when I first had her back in January 2007, Bella began kindy that year. I kept saying how weird it was that I’d just sent one off to school and that it felt like forever until 2012 which is when Sophie turns 5.

Yet, here it is. Almost 2012 and Sophie’s going to be a big girl.

I’m going to miss her terribly in the beginning, she’s been away from me just 3 nights her entire life! Spent not one minute in a daycare or pre-school. She’s my little pal always good for a chat or a hug and full of entertaining ideas.

What am I going to do without my Sophie?!

I’m going to buy her a uniform dress this week coming as she has some practice days this last term. She is so excited to go, she is a clever little thing and I have no worries that SHE will be totally fine.

She will love it.

Her first day of school is going to leave me in tears I am certain.

The toughest part?!

Sophie heads off to school this year coming, which is going to fly past no doubt and the year after that?

Violet goes too!!!

I’ll be left at home with just 2 little ones for 12 months and then MOLLY goes to school!!!

I’m just never going to send Buddy!

Now that Sophie is nearly 5 it seems like there is his roll on affect, each of my kids is in a little line with lengths attached to each, the further the first goes the further they ALL go, being pulled along by this stupid thing called time.

Soon, REALLY soon I’m going to have huge amounts of time alone, just me and my thoughts, and that could potentially be a bad thing. or a VERY good thing.


So I’ll go buy Sophie her very first school dress and hat and take some cute photos of her in it with a smile on my face and a sadness in my heart.

My 2nd baby off to school makes me proud but also marks the fact that they will all grow up.

I just wish those first 5 years would slow down and perhaps time could make up for it by stealing away those teenage years quickly……


I am afraid!

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