Thanking you Mother Nature.

I don’t like sunny days. I really, really don’t like sunny days.

They are so bright and glairy. Sunny days they don’t like it when I want to sit and read, or write or just snuggle up in bed and do nothing but watch a movie with my kids.

They make me feel guilty.

Sunny days are working days.

BUT tonight a storm has come, I’ve grown up loving storms, loving rain. I can sleep so much better on a rainy night. A gloomy day holds so much promise, I like the idea of day turned night just because the skies are angry.

Everything seems so vivid and green. The stillness that feels like the universe has stopped breathing. The gurgling rumbles of a hungry horizon waiting to engulf everything with rain.

The pelting fat drops.

I like to sleep to a raging storm, it makes me feel less important. Makes me feel like there really is something bigger than all of us. Something powerful and awesome.

So tonight it will rain and I hope with everything that I have that tomorrow will rain too. I’d like a holiday thank you very much Mother Nature.

Rain and gloom make me smile, the perfect opportunity to rest, take things slow and enjoy the fact that I cannot control well, anything.

I think that is what I miss about NSW the most.

The land just seems to dry out the further from the coast you go. You could almost watch it evaporate before your eyes. I could swim before I could walk, I love water, 4 of my babies born in water. I miss it. Rain and the ocean are important things to me.

I do like that the skies and the oceans are so beautiful yet can be so dangerous, such vast stretches, they take up as much space as they choose and don’t really care who or what is in their path once that decision is made to move.


Anyway, I haven’t put much thought into this post, just rambling and writing for the love of it. I do hope tomorrow is a sleepy rainy day for us.

So please Mother Nature, I’d like a rest, I’d love some rain and goodness knows your Earth would too!

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