Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my fun sized friend!

Today is my best friends birthday. I mention her a lot in all my rambling but you don’t really know her or how she has affected me so.

This is Naomi.

I remember the day I met her, I was pregnant with Sophie and I was walking into the school for Bella’s first early bird classes the last term before she’d begin kindergarten. This little lady in a yellow top and long white skirt was giggling away at her little girl Jasmine. And I commented that she was a cutie. (Her daughter that is.)

We saw each other each on Fridays and chatted a little, mostly about our kids, until the christmas holidays. Then Bella and Jasmine began kindy together and became best friends, Nai and I would chat of an afternoon after school.

We’d end up hanging around for hours talking about all sorts of pointless things as our girls played on the oval.

That was it really. Over the time we merged our friendship status to bff’s. (I didn’t know what that stood for!)

Naomi said to me once -via text- that she had 2 soul mates and I totally feel the same. I have never had a friend as close. I don’t even consider her a friend, she is more like my sister. I tell her everything and she tells me everything.

I don’t even care if she annoys me! I am pretty certain I annoy her a lot! but she always comes back more. I don’t think there is anything that would make me not like her.

She’s helped me to be a better mum as she is an awesome and proud one. I respect her and look up to her so much. She lives and breathes her children’s welfare there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for them. She has taught me that life is not always kind but it is what we do with what we have that really matters.

She’s the best wife anyone could ask for, she does everything and more. (I wouldn’t mind a wife like that!)

We went through a pregnancy together, my third and Nai’s last. Violet and Katie are cute little pals, I wish they could spend more time together.

What I like about her most and perhaps why we are so close is because she is a real person.

She doesn’t try to impress me, she doesn’t try to be perfect. She has her own mind and makes good strong decisions. She is honest and true and doesn’t sugar coat anything, we can totally disagree on a subject and be happy to know that we’re still friends because of our differences.

We aren’t the same and that’s what makes it great, we’re two separate individuals with totally different ideas about stuff.

And it is ok.

She has fought for where she is and who she is despite all the odds.

Nai is a strong woman and I like that I can ask her opinion and she’ll tell me what she thinks. Not what she thinks I want to hear. She has always been there for me, and I plan to always be there for her.

You can just tell -well I can- when someone is genuine. I think it is because they say and do what they want regardless of what they think people will think of them. They don’t go out of their way to be agreeable.

She is genuine.

She has helped me be and do some great things and she has also made me shut up and do some stupid fun things. She’s given me courage to stand up for myself. She has listened to me whine and complain about endless things when I know no one else would. She knows things I would never tell anyone else.

She was with me all the way through my relationship break up, she was there in the hospital with me when I thought I’d lose Violet, not just sitting there but crying with me. She was there the night I met Glen and she was there for our wedding. She was there when Buddy was sick and helped look after my kids. She dealt with me being a rude fat pregnant lady. She listens to me crying over the phone to her because I want to come home.

She’s just been there.

And she makes a damn good coffee!

I would like to always just be there for her too, whether it be to gossip over coffee, dance likes idiots in a night club, or something more serious and important.

I had full intentions of flying home to see her on her birthday but can’t because of a pointless inspection.

I hope she has a great day as she totally deserves it. Sometimes I don’t think she even realises how much of a good person she is.

Perhaps we were sisters in a past life, or maybe we just have similar intentions, or maybe it is because we just want to be ourselves -which really is a rare thing in its truest form- maybe we just ‘click.’

Whatever it is I am glad it was her that I ‘clicked’ with.

I’m never going to meet anyone who is so different yet so much the same as me.


I’ll be home for your next birthday and that’s a promise!

Have a great day you fun-sized little maniac!

Lots of love your Big BFF Cristie! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. You are so lucky to have such a great friend – it is really rare to find someone that you can be that close to! Treasure her, as I’m sure you already do!

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