Mmmm bop. Cake pop!

Ok I wanted to try cake pops.

I was reminded when I bought woman’s day -as I am still waiting for our story to appear!- they had cute pictures in there of tasty looking cake pops. So today was the day, I was going to grab the ingredients while grocery shopping. But I forgot the mag, and I was not clever enough to realise that Woolworth’s probably had a woman’s day magazine sitting on a shelf.

So anyway I made up my own recipe.

Grab all your stuff together!

Let’s make cake pops!!!

I decided to go for a pre-made cake mix to make up and me save time. I was glad I did. They take a fair bit of time to make. So we made up the cake batter and got it into the oven.

The icing I made nice and thick so I could pretty much grab some and flatten it out to put onto the cake balls.

Cut the sharp points off your skewers, cut them at different lengths so they look cuter when done.

Once your cake is cooked, pull it out and let it a cool a little. Cut it into peices to help it cool further.

Once it’s cool, crumb it up! This would probably go really good in a food processor. I just used my hands and a fork and it worked well. Once it’s all crumby add the icing (if making from scratch make a cream cheese icing to put into the cake crumbs) Mix it with your hands until it forms like a dough.

Once you’ve made your cake balls, chill them for a while in the fridge. In the meantime get ready to decorate!

This would have worked well if I hadn’t decided to thin out my icing so I could dip them. (However if I had of chilled mine properly and for long enough -which I didn’t- the icing would have held better.) This step looks pretty easy, it is actually really fiddly. The icing drips, the cake balls decide to slide down the skewer….

The ones I could be bothered to make looked pretty cute! I wished the icing had held on better, but I guess they are pretty good for a first go and I know where I went wrong so fingers crossed next time I try them, they’ll be good.

They still tasted great! (You could use any flavoured cake in them. Orange and poppy-seed cake would be so yum!)

This is the disaster I created with the left overs!!!

No matter what I cook lately, Molly is the only one who hangs around until the very end. She starts out reasonably clean and by the end she’s sticky and yuck.

But she loves every second of it.

(and every lick!)

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