Feeling like a lady!

I’m going out tomorrow night. I haven’t been out for such a long time!

I can’t wait to get dressed up.

I can’t wait to slather on some make-up.

I can’t wait to have a few drinks -cause that’s all it’s going to take- and then dance like an idiot!

I don’t think I dance like this……????

I’m going through all the normal dramas at the moment. I’ve bought a dress to wear out which is a beautiful coral colour -my favorite colour- but now that I look at it I’m not sure if it says ‘fun’ enough. It screams classy, but I’m not that classy.

This isn't THE dress, but it is A dress and it is coral 🙂

I love the colour.

So I’m thinking I may wear a dress that I’ve had crumpled in my drawers for years.

But I don’t know.

If I wear the fun one then I have underwear issues. I need coverage under my fun dress its more flowy and if I stumble on my heels…..goodness knows what could happen!

The coral dress is a smart knee-length and doesn’t have any undie issues. It does however inhibit awesome dance moves….

the stress!

And then the shoes?! I have some lovely beige, or nude if you will, heels. I got them half price because they had a little mark on the heel. Damp cloth and its gone and I saved 50%!!!

These aren't THE shoes either.....but they are nude and they are shoes.


I didn’t want to break an ankle as the night progresses -well my intoxication progresses- so I thought I’d get some of those little jiffy ballet flats that fold up and that way I wouldn’t do damage AND I wouldn’t be removed for being bare foot which occasionally happens after a couple of drinks and I just want to be ‘free.’ (well all have our drunken ‘thing’ some cry, some fight, I just want to take my shoes off man!)

I couldn’t find the ‘normal’ kind and ended up with a pair which are shiny, covered in sparkles.

And frankly, considering my quirky kind of style, and that usually I’d go out of my way to find something like these….

They are plain ugly!

They don’t go with EITHER dress.

I stressed tonight wondering if I should shave my hairy legs now or wait until tomorrow in case they grow back in the 20 hours I have left til I head out.

Should I have washed my hair?

Actually I should have dyed it to hide my regrowth.

My toe nails need desperate attention. I need to MAKE time tomorrow to attend to them which will turn into full on manicures and make-overs once my girls catch on to what I’m doing.

Ahhh, the dramas of being a lady!

Feels nice to be stressing out over which undies will squish my belly flatter, I’m pondering if my foundation will be all caked up and chunky. I’m praying that my hair will play nice and if I’m going in the classy or fun dress.

And what the heck I’m going to do about those flats!

Eh, I’ll wear them, I know I will.

It’s great to be stressing out over pointless little issues rather than the big important stuff sometimes.

Being a lady often means stressing about silly superficial things.

And man, I’m feeling like a lady!


I should probably worry more about the headache I know I’m going to have.

4 thoughts on “Feeling like a lady!

  1. Awwww you will have so much fun! i wish that i could go out and let my mummy hair down lol.. i miss you ladies soooo very much 🙂 Have fun and have a drinkie for me!! i know you like to P-A-R-T-Y when you have a few 🙂 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I want that dress! I love it! Glad that you’e getting out and having some “you” tme! I’m excited too! Just started seeing someone new – recently took early retirement – was an Excutive for Telstra – so money is not a problem (like the last guy!) – he even paid for tea the other night when we first met! What a change! Now he has asked me out tomorrow night and planned the whole night – taking me out to dinner than a night tour of Canberra and then Hot Chocolate somewhere – can’t believe he has put so much thought into it! Will let you know how it goes! Anyway – hope you have a great night and get lots of dancing in!

    1. I know I want the body to wear a dress like that too!!! hahaha That sounds like so much fun!!!! I like the sounds of this guy lol You’ll have to let us know how it goes for sure! P.s next time take me too! 😀

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