Bbq night.

In an attempt to have lots of family fun, last night we decided on a bbq night. A night where we muck around and have fun together as a family, then relax outdoors, eat el fresco and stay up later than normal and enjoy each others company.

We made up a game where we used the hose to chase each other and wet everyone, whoever remained driest was next in turn with the hose.

Mum and Dad were included. ep.

Lots of fun, until Violet and Sophie began crying because they didn’t think their turns were long enough. So we switched to obstacle courses and races. And finally when it was dark enough we sat around and chatted until dinner was ready.

All in all it was a nice night.

We all had fun on that hot afternoon, and we all slept peacefully all night long. (which is always welcome!)

Here’s a couple of simple recipes I used for our 3 course bbq!

Tasty dip!

Followed by an asian crunchy salad, potato salad, marinated chicken kebabs and little baby chipolatas.

And dessert?!

A fresh raspberry cream pie with dark chocolate dribbles!

(I made up this simple recipe and it is so delicious! Highly recomend trying it!)

Whip your cream until thick then blend in icing sugar -to taste- and fresh raspberries, this would also be great with strawberries if you like them which I really, really don’t. Mulberries, any berries really. If I were to do anything different, I would have folded them in once the cream was thick, but the berry flavour wouldn’t be as good I don’t think.

Fill your flan with the berry cream chill while you melt your dark chocolate, dribble chocolate over it and refrigerate until ready to serve.


So today to keep in the spirit of family fun we went four-wheel driving and found some beautiful spots which we plan to re-visit on the weekend with camera and picnic basket in hand. I’m looking forward to exploring with my kids.

And allowing our imaginations take off with some fresh scenery.

Have a great day!

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