Whats in a name?

To name a baby is a big exciting thing. To find the perfect name to fit your perfect baby. Something that you love and that other important people in your baby’s life will love too.

Also a name that your child can live with!

I’m tired of hearing names like Apple, Bunny, Boo and Scoutt in the world of celebrities. What happened to normal names??

Your naming a person not a pet!

Anyway Bella is actually Izabella Mai, which she didn’t even know until 12 moths ago as she’s only called Bella. I was 16 at the time of choosing her name but I didn’t want to name her anything too weird, 10 years ago Izabella was rare so I thought it would be perfect. And Mai? Remember Degrassi High? The tv show? Remember Mai Hem? (Mayhem) Well I was 16!

 It could have been worse.

If Bella turned out to be a boy I would have named her either Conor or Cooper; both of which now I really don’t like.

For Sophie I really wanted to name her Molly, I was working in a pre-school at the time and this adorable little girl named Sophie turned up and I loved her little personality and her name. I’d always loved the name Molly but not for this baby. This would be a Sophie. If she were to be a boy, her name would have been Jack George. Luckily she was a girl as my cousin had a boy the very next day and named him Jackson George. I am happy I didn’t have a boy and use Jack, even though I like the name, I feel like it is over used at the moment. Her middle name is Eloise. I think it is beautiful and rolls off the tongue.

Sophie Eloise.

(I got that name one night after reading Bella a book written by Eloise Someone.)

Violet’s name I chose on my own. My friend and I had come up with Poppy and I loved it, only it began to wear off. I then came up with Violet and Margo which majority of people hated. I loved them both but Violet stuck. Her middle name is Amelia. I had originally chosen Cecilia, my grandmother’s middle name, but decided not to use it as none of my other daughter’s were named after anyone. I thought Violet should have her own name too. Amelia rhymed with Cecilia and I knew I’d never forget the reason I’d given her that middle name. If she were to be a boy I would have named her Emerson. I still like it but glad I got to use Violet instead.

Molly, was going to be Darla. Another name that I have always loved. But I am glad I finally got a chance to use Molly as the other girls had millions of dolls and barbies named Molly. Her Middle name is Ann, after her grandmother.

(4th child, you begin to get lazy.)

Buddy, dear little Buddy. It took us a long time to come up with it considering the way we came up with it. We were lazy about it, as we had April picked for a girl and I assumed we were having another girl.

I was happy with April and felt it would suit.

 Bella, Sophie, Violet, Molly and April.

I didn’t want all my kids names ending the same way either, I somehow thought it would make it easier to not get them mixed up, for example Bell-A, Soph-IE, Vio-LET. I know a lady whose named all her children with and ‘Ah’ at the end of each childs name.

I still call Molly ‘Volly’ sometimes.


Just in case, in the rare event of a boy baby being born we thought we should be prepared as we had not one name picked out should Molly have been a boy. On the way to hospital -while in labour- Glen and I decided that if for some reason our little Molly should come out with little boy equipment we would call her Memphis.

Imagine that?! At the time we thought we were the most awesome parents alive, Memphis will never have to worry about having other kids named the same unless we become famous and move to hollywood of course.

No roll call with Memphis B? Memphis H?

Just Memphis.

And now that I have used it excessively can you see how horrible that snap decision would have been?

Thank goodness Molly was lacking boy equipment is all I can say.

So Buddy.

Glen calls everyone ‘Bud.’ Hey Bud how are you going? Thanks Bud, see you later.

I said to him one night after each of us coming up with stupid names only to be rejected by the other with a curt ‘no.’

“Why don’t we name him Bud? Or Buddy to make it look like we put in some effort? You’re going to call him ‘bud’ anyway and It is kinda cute.”

And that was it.

His middle name is Robert after his Poppy.

Buddy Robert.

Buddy or April and I am so thankful for Buddy, even though to begin with I felt like I had lost April since I’d convinced myself I’d never have a boy, I’d pat my tummy and say hello to April, and then to be told no April…was kind of weird.

But anyway, that is how my babies were named I wanted old-fashioned, unique yet names that have been heard of. Names that were feminine of masculine according to their sex.

I always loved names like Frankie, Steevie, Alfie and if Glen would have allowed it I would have named Buddy ‘Patch’ short for Patrick.

I make sure my names are ready for when I find out if I’m having a boy or girl, so my baby is named from around 20 weeks.

I shared a room in hospital with a couple after I’d had Sophie and they were stressing out. They’d decided to wait to meet their baby before naming him. They wanted to see what suited him.

They had no luck and he remained un-named for 4 weeks until they finally named him, yep you guessed it, Jack and sent his birth certificate off.

I’m glad to have had the very important task of naming my children, it is fun, daunting, exciting and special. Each name has a little story and funnily enough the names people thought were weird like Violet and Buddy, everyone now loves.

I created my baby so therefore I had to create a name for them, something unique yet beautiful that was all their own.

Each of my children’s name suited them the moment I saw their little faces which helped me to know I’d chosen the right one for them. Hopefully they’ll like them too going into adulthood one day.

Izabella Mai, Sophie Eloise, Violet Amelia, Molly Ann and Buddy Robert.

I love each one and am so glad I had the honour of giving them to each of my babies.

What did you name your babies and how come?

5 thoughts on “Whats in a name?

  1. My sons name is Monty Ivan. I wanted something a bit different but not crazy. We could only agree on girls names so when we found out we were having a boy we were stumped, I found the name Monty on the net late one night while desperately trying to find a name, I instantly fell in love with it & I still love it. His middle name- Ivan is after his Poppa (my dad).

  2. Hey Christie – Before I had the boys I used to get disgusted if people didn’t have a name for their baby by the time that they were 3 months pregnant – that was until I became pregnant with Mark! We spent ages trying to find a name that we both liked, went with “Blakeway and the initials didn’t spell anything off! We finally settled on Mark – nice and simple and Robert of course after his dad. The funny thing was that I was convinced that I was having a girl – so was quite stunned and surprised when he had the extra equipment!. Had he been a girl he was going to be Leah after his great grandmother. Same problem with Glen! He was going to be a “Brooke” if he was a girl.

    1. It can be hard!!! Though much easier with Molly and Buddy, I didn’t feel as much pressure I guess lol I did regret using some of the middle names I had with the bigger girls just because I then couldn’t use them as first names. Glen would have made a beautiful Brooke!

  3. Hey Yager –
    Both our kids where named by Allan… He loved the name and has done so since he was about 15 so there was no real discussion what our 1st born daughter was going to be called.. Layla Louise it was.. Louise is my last name…. So Layla Louise 🙂 If Layla was a boy she was going to be Bayley Rae..
    Dustin well… Dustin’s name changed so many times we didnt really know till about 10 weeks before he was born that is was definalty Dustin lol.. He was Jordan, Justin, Dylan, Conner. Than finally Dustin came.. Allan was onsite on a mine and his mine excort boy’s name was Dustin.. and that was it.. He loved the name… so Dustin it is lol.. Dustin James.. James is Allan’s brothers and his Best Mates middle names.. Plus it kinds just went.. If he was a girl his name was going to be Khloe Jay…

    The next one we are playing with a few different names… Emma or Emily for a girl… also like a few others and for boys lol we like Conner or Cody but not sure… will have to wait and see 🙂 But Allan says that we are not going to find out the sex of the baby till D-Day lol… so will be exciting this time around i think… suprise for our last baby 🙂

    1. Oh wow! Not finding out would be exciting! I wasn’t going to find out with Molly but changed my mind and then Buddy I HAD to know since he was last and I’m so glad I did, but the surprise would have been massive I guess. I LOVE Layla Loouise it is so beautiful! And Dustin is so cute, and I haven’t heard of any!!!!

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