Happy Halloween!

I used to think Halloween was so cool when I watched kids roaming the darkening streets in American movies. I wished so badly that we had Halloween here in Australia.

It surprised me a few years ago when kids dressed up came to knock on my door. Funnily the first thought I had was ‘Where are your parents?!’ and then I was like, Oh. my. god.

It’s here.

Slowly but surely Halloween is picking up momentum and becoming more and more popular.

Now that the shops have decided to make a little profit from this new holiday it has become even more of a ‘deal.’

So I decided we’d take part.

Well more than the ‘bag of lollies I had kept on hand’ the previous years type take part.

We got all excited, got all dressed up….

Then sat on our verandah ready to throw toothbrushes and lollies at anyone willing to come near. The girls screaming ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN’ at anyone, even people walking their dogs.

I got dressed up too but wasn’t 100% sure I wanted anyone to see me.

I had my derby costume on hand.

And then the handy men turned up to check out our rotted back deck. (They too were bombarded with blood sucker lollypops.)

(Thank you real estate lady! I would have shared the pictures on my blog with mums and women who understood what it’s like to dress up with their kids instead of sit back and watch them have fun. I didn’t plan to leave my house and be SEEN in public, so I tried to hide in my hallway from the big tradesmen!!)


I bought Bella an angel outfit and thought she’d love it, but it wasn’t scary enough so she came up with her own and asked for make-up. Molly was meant to be a skeleton like Violet only she thought her costume was TO scary and decided to use a dress I’d altered years ago for Bella and took her wings.

So Halloween for us this year is not really a big deal, well for me it was pretty big I guess, this is my first step to a new family fun holiday. I hope to fit it in there with the christmas day planning.

I don’t actually like the idea of sending my kids off to accept lollies from strangers and approach people they don’t know, in the dark. All of which we teach our kids NOT to do every other day of the year. So I think Halloween for us will mean cute costumes, lots of lollies, decorating our front yard, and sitting back to await trick or treaters.


So my kids were all hopped up on sugar, bouncing off the walls and probably won’t sleep properly tonight but they had fun and that’s what counts.

We’re in again next year and will invest in some awesome decorations.

Happy Halloween!

If it makes them smile, then why the heck not?!

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