Eat your art out!

When boredom creeps into our house which is very often lately, we try to scare it and chase it away as quickly as possible.

Things like ‘I hate this town.’ ‘I want to go home.’ ‘There is nothing for us to do.’ ‘We are so bored.’ End up being said.

And that’s only from me!

With Buddy still only 4 months old, there are not many baby friendly places we can go where I can have 2 arms free to chase and collect the 3 others should I need to, so until he is sitting at least, we are practically home bound.

But then again, where would we go anyway???

So Sophie suggested painting, which is really wearing thin. We’re a house of artists. We use paints every other day. We paint everything, paper, canvas, cards, leaves, you name it we’ve painted it.

None the less I sighed and said they could paint after their afternoon tea. “But I want to paint NOOOooooWwww!”

“Fine, fine.” I was not in the mood to argue with a 4-year-old yesterday. Our weather is stinking hot and sunny, bright and glarry. Both things I don’t like at all. All I wanted to do was hide in our icy air con and never come out!

Afternoon tea AND painting, this was bound to end badly.

I knew they’d end up getting paint all over their food, especially Molly.

*light bulb*

I’ll make paint that they can eat and they can paint their food!

So this is what we spent our afternoon (tea) doing.

It is lots of fun and simple to whip up.

I made sure to get lots of pictures of their art, as I do not suggest this art be the kind you stick to the fridge. I doubt it would remain pretty week after week.

Like anything worth doing, it got quite messy. Molly and Sophie had rainbow dribbles down thier chins and tummies. Violet somehow had some drops in her eyebrow.

If you’d like to give it a go, just combine icing mixture with some milk until it becomes a finger paint consistency, add your food dye and there you have your new edible paints.

I’m sure you could paint on bread, pancakes, or you could use carrot sticks or pieces of fruit as paint brushes and stamps to make different shapes.

Well I am off to go find other ways to play with my food!

Have a beautiful day.

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