Less is more.

So recently I’ve been pondering what and who I going to be in the long run. I’ve been frustrated that great things haven’t been happening and for some reason I have an overwhelming feeling that I am destined for more.

I feel like I should be a part of….something.

That I’ll do awesome things and it will benefit many.

I’ve been feeling restless and wanting more.

But then I decided that maybe I’m not destined for great things and that I should be contented with what I am doing, what I have and who I am.

I’m no different from anyone else.

If I am meant to do and be great things, then so is everyone else.

I then decided that I would be happier if life were simpler. If I had less stress and I felt healthier.

I’ve been wanting to get back into skinny sunday too as I haven’t been regular at all with my exercise and my diet has been up and down.

I’d read somewhere that if we could go back to our primitive diets of natural foods (and lots of activity in order to gather and catch that food.) Like fruits, nuts vegetables, lean meats. Nothing processed or pulled out of a packet, then we’d be healthier and happier.

So my first step to a life less full is to change the foods I put into my body in hopes that it will help me de-stress. I’m going to eat, eggs, mushrooms, chicken. Figs, dates, nuts, bananas, apples, watermelon and berries. Some of my favorite foods. Lots of protein, antioxidants and packed full of vitamins and minerals. Without the bad fat and all the chemicals and processed-ness.

I’ll make sure to do some exercise be it 30 minutes on the treadmill or when I walk Bella to school, I’ll take the long way home.

I also want to use less chemicals on my skin and hair so I’m going to attempt to do the experiment I did at least a year ago to get my hair back into a natural healthy state. It involves not washing it the conventional ways. Washing our hair using shampoos has only been a new thing in the timeline of people. Prior to shampoos and conditioners and treatments people had healthier, stronger hair which wasn’t dependant on chemicals to shine and be soft.

My method of getting the natural balance of oils in my hair is to wash vigorously with just warm water. Once it is dry apply a light sprinkling of corn flour and gentle massage into the scalp. This absorbs the natural oils which will be excessive to begin with, to leave it soft. It absorbs the oils but does not strip the hair of them which is what shampoos do. Which is why conditioner was invented to give back an unnatural moisture to hair that has been striped naked of its original balance in the first place.

I’m not one for hair products or make-ups so I don’t have to change much there except maybe my exfoliant which I use 3-4 times a week in the shower. A rough shower cloth will do the same job without again, striping the natural oils there to protect my skin.

I may look into natural alternatives for moisturiser though. If I can’t make it myself from natural ingredients then I will go without.

I’m going to drink tonnes of water to flush out any toxins and yuck stuff I’m sure is hiding in my pores, and I’ll make up some herbal tea remedies to aid with digestion and general health.

So I want to get my insides and outside back to a healthy natural state.

I think if I first begin with a healthy clean slate within myself then things may be clearer and I’ll understand things better.

I know at first I’ll be alone in my little plan as is always is the case in our family, it is hard to get Glen and the kids to give up their take-away night and icy poles which are a favorite of late.

But I don’t mind. I don’t want to force anything upon anyone else and I know my kids have a very healthy balanced diet even if they do eat lollies and chocolate every now and again.


I’m feeling excited to make these changes and I look forward to documenting the outcomes. I feel a little more at peace with myself and wondering if perhaps what I’ve been searching for is less.

To gain more satisfaction and complete contented feeling, I need less in my life.

Less things, less ambitions and dreams. More family, more laughs, more happy freedom.


As I thought more and more on how to live less I’ve become a little obsessed with the idea of creating my own furniture and designing things in my mind. We plan to buy a property where I can grow my own fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs, but we’d also planned to build our own home on that property. I’ve already looked into recyclable materials to use for flooring, windows and even things like bath tubs, benches and wall papers and paint. Besides being much cheaper, it is also better for the environment, and has much more charm and character.

But the furniture……

I’d find a lot of satisfaction in creating some pieces using only natural things. Things I can pick up from the dump or a bushy area and experiment with.

I have a habit of being able to work out how I will do something in my mind like a puzzle, and somehow I can then translate that into things. I think I can do it. So I am excited to try little things to begin with and see how it goes.

I may not be able to create this to begin with but I think I could have a go at this…..

I want to be way more in touch with nature and the natural part of our busy, stressed ‘civilised’ world. I’d like my kids to see that money and things aren’t important as much as we may want things, we can be fulfilled with what we create and by those who matter to us.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there. I can’t wait to begin taking the small steps in the path to calmness and peace and I hope that my kids will see what I’m trying to do and choose to follow suit.

I think I have finally realised that great things doesn’t equate to many things or more.

It means being great within and sharing it with everyone you love.

Less is by far more.

Thankfully I’m learning it now.

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