Skinny Sunday; Day by day.

I hit a wall with my weight loss, it began once I’d lost 15 kgs. Down to 80 kgs I felt fitter, happier and healthier. I’ve always liked to be curvy and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to lose the extra 10 kgs to get down to my original goal of 70 kilos.

The weeks while I was deciding kind of slipped by.

I now have decided.

I DO want to lose the last 10 and knowing that I’ve already lost 15 has been quite a good motivator. Knowing that it is possible helps.

I’ve received a few emails here and there asking if I would lose the rest as people have found some inspiration in their own weight-loss. I then got a comment from a friend saying she needed some help and wanted some ideas and a bit of motivation.

Thats was exactly what I needed too.


So I’ve come up with Skinny Sunday, day by day. It is too hard going it alone the whole 7 days. So each day I will post what I’ve eaten and what exercise I have done.

I’ll post my own personal food plan for the week and include an entire grocery list for those who’d like to copy, paste and print.

I’ll include lots of tips and hints and things that have helped me. I’ll also post tasks to complete to keep us on track.

I’m in the process of organising my food plan and recipes to include with those.

But I need YOU to do something for ME.

  1. If you’re wishing to lose weight, be it 5kgs or 25, suck it up and do it now. Whats another week wasted. Start now. If your IN email me your ‘before’ picture ( I’d like to put a collage together of all us hot ladies so we can see that we aren’t alone. The picture helps to cement your involvement. It will help you to commit as you’ll be watching the progress of the other women involved along with yours, we can all motivate each other. So SEND ME YOUR PICTURES! (Include a little bio if you like, with your name, age and weight.)
  2. What will happen if you DO lose your weight? List 5 things. (example, I will feel lighter, my husband will think I’m sexier….etc)
  3. What will happen if I DON’T lose weight? List 5 things. (My health will be affected, I won’t be able to keep up with my kids…etc.)
  4. I also HIGHLY recommedn joinging This way you can record your food and exercise, keep an eye on your caloire intake and keep it all online, with loads of extra support. If not you can always keep a note pad in your fridge, kitchen bench somewhere close so you can jot down your food and exercise.

Those examples may not be important to you, so make them personal to your situation feel free to comment your lists or if you’re not comfortable with that, make sure you put it down on paper to look back on.


If your unsure don’t be. The exercise I plan for us will involve things for busy mums to do, like dancing to music while cleaning, walking the long way home after walking your child to school, doing a washing line relay (basket at the end of the yard, run to get the next piece to be hung) I know what it is like to not have time or energy for that matter, but I do also know that we are wonderful multi-tasking creatures which are capable of so much. I think looking after ourselves should be one of our top priorities along with looking after everyone else.

Food wise, I do know that your entire family may not want to be involved and I know how hard it is to prepare a meal for your family that you may not want to be eating. It is easier to be part of the crowd. Just go with the flow, and eat whats going. Which is why I’ve made sure that the meals I am including are simple, light, filling and EASY. I can make my own food while preparing my families meals without it being a hassle. P.s, I’m including desserts!

I also know that 2 entire shopping lists can be pricey. I will include the list along with prices and brands to help you work it into your normal shopping budget.

Cheap. Simple. Healthy.

I can honestly say now that if you lose weight using these methods rather than shakes, pills or any other un natural way. It won’t last. Thats if it works at all.

We’re going to spend each day feeling full of HEALTHY good nutritious food. And increasing our activity levels.

Not too unrealistic.

I have faith in you!

I can’t wait to get started.

Remember email me your before shots!!!


What have you got to lose??


2 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday; Day by day.

  1. Go Cristie!
    You’ve set yourself an achievable, measurable goal, and that’s more than what most people can say for their health and fitness goals!
    A couple of things I’d like to chuck in, not to get at you, but more to help you keep that motivation burning…..
    Don’t get put off by those last few kilos seeming to not want to come off.
    1. I hope this doesnt sound too weird but you look fine as you are, from photos I’ve seen anyway :),
    2. Youll reach a plateau with weight loss, where it will seem like nothing is ‘working’. This is not your plans failing, it’s actually your body getting alarmed by the rate of your weight loss, and trying to do something before you burn through all of your lipids (fat tissue, a certain %age of which your body actually needs) and start eating eating away at vital tissue like muscle etc. Not saying you’re going to do that, but your body will definitely be scared thats whats going to happen, and will take measures against weight loss in advance.
    3. DONT be fooled into those stupid, 24 hour body detox, instant weight loss shakes, slim shakes etc. The way these damned things work is they dehydrate you and drain fluid from you muscle tissue, so yeah you lose a lot of weight very quickly…..but so do people wandering through the Sahara. Don’t get suckered in!
    4. If you do light weight exercises every day, that’s as good as if not better for weight loss and toning etc as cardio workouts. You can get as much out of a small weights session as a full cardio workout.
    5. Being a mum, let alone a mum of 5 kids, will keep you fit whether you like it or not 😛

    I just had to say it, I have SO many friends (increasingly supposedly macho males amongst them) that fall into these traps and myths about losing weight. So keep on keeping on, don’t listen to the wafer-thin anorexic detractors I wish you the best with your goals! 🙂


    1. Thanks Brady!
      I know what you mean, I am totally against, pills shakes and all the rest. I am more concerned with being healthy and hanging around as long as possible to pester my kids 😉 I was a nice plump 107 kgs at my last ante-natal visit 5 months ago, then when I began to lose weight -purposely-I was down to 95. I’m 80 kgs currently which I don’t have a problem with at all. My healthy weight range is between 71 and 68 kgs so I’ve made 70 my goal. I did go through a slump once I’d lost that 15 as I wasn’t sure I wanted to lose more. I then got slack though with my diet and was eating junk so I’m fixing up my diet and including some daily exercise and if it turns out I lose some, so be it. I am however really hoping to encourage those mums and women out there who really do need to improve their health and need some motivation to get there 😀

      Thanks so much for your tips and advice 😀

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