Skinny Sunday; Day by day

I’m so excited by the messages from women who are going to be involved in this. I can’t wait for us to all get started. There is 7 of us that I know of, who want to be involved, surely there are more women out there?!

Though a few of you are worried about your before picture. I can totally relate! It’s so hard. But it really is the first step. Once you have that picture to look back on, it motivates you, pushes you to change the things you don’t like and I know it really helped me! If you REALLY REALLY cannot bring yourself to email it. That is ok. Print it and stick it to your fridge. But you need that first picture! (Plus your going to want to look back once you’ve lost your first 5 kgs, because it is noticeable and you’ll want to see how far you’ve come and keep moving forward.)

Another thing I am going to URGE you to do is to be a regular ‘commenter’ on these skinny sunday posts (all you need to do is enter your email address) I encourage you to talk to other commenters, compliment, urge and sympathise with each other. We’re all going to need a kick up the bum here and there and it feels better from someone who is doing it with you.

Things you can do to prepare while I’m getting sorted is to have a sugar-free day. Just 24 hours without ANY sugar, see how you go. It may be hard but I promise you will survive.

DO NOT eat in front of the tv. Turn it off. Eat in the kitchen.

I suggest trading your large dinner plate for a small one now, eat the same things as normal but LESS.

Practise trying to fit in 30 mins of some kind of physical activity. As 30 mins is the very bare minimum I’ll ask of you daily. We can aim for an hour but really 30 is enough if it is all you can fit in. 10 minutes 3 times a day is EASY to find, even 2 lots of 15 minutes. Walking, jumping, lay down then stand up, ANYTHING that makes you move more than normal. My friend swears by Wii dance. Relay races with your kids. Whatever.

To get an idea of the foods we’ll be eating I’ll give you a little list for each meal time. You can then write them down and begin to decide what you want to eat each day. My personal aim when planning my own meals was to have delicious food that was filling. I LOVE food! We’re not going to starve!


Breakfasts –

Porridge with skim milk and sultanas. (full of fibre, lowers cholesterol, very filling and sweet.) Fresh fruit salad with low-fat greek yoghurt. (fill your bowl with fruit!) Tomato on toast. (Once slice of bread toasted, whack on a thick slice of tomato, salt pepper.) boiled egg and avocado on toast. (explains itself, avocado is great and has its own GOOD fats, which we do need. Eggs are packed with protein, the yolk does have a higher fat content but we want to look after our health too.) Boiled egg with banana.


Couscous with asparagus and reduced fat feta.(filing, low-fat, good for you and tasty!) Fried rice. (only there is no ‘frying’ involved. Say good-bye to cooking with oils and butters.) Chicken salad. Salad wrap. Corn on the cob. Salt and pepper baked tomato.


Baked mushroom with egg and brocolini. (Yum) Baked chicken with zucchini and roast sweet potato. (having this tonight, I can’t wait!) Honey soy chicken with mixed vegetables. Chicken salad wrap. Chicken with fruit, nut and veg platter.

(A lot of the lunches and dinners can be swapped around and used for both. I’ve aimed for lots of protein, flavour, heaps of fresh light foods. If you like fish, which I don’t really, then you could trade the chicken for fish. I buy chicken tenderloins as they’re lean and a good portion size. Also some of these meals like the fried rice and couscous, even fruit salads can be made double and put into containers for meals later that day or the next to save with prep time. Squeeze lemon juice over fruit salads to prevent banana and apple going brown. Keep in the fridge.)


I’ve found that nestle` diet has a few really yummy dessert tubs. My favorite is the chocolate mousse and the dark chocolate pudding. (only ONE! I buy 4 tubs for the week.) Fruit salads. I also found that sweet pitted dates kill night-time sugar cravings but you should limit these to just a couple to squash the craving as they are high in natural sugars.


Blueberry and walnuts go so good together, and BOTH are extremely good for you. Blueberries alone are right in the top 3 best foods for you, really high in vitamin c. Frozen mixed berries. Apples, bananas, watermelon. Any kind of fruit you can get your hands on! Small handful of natural nuts, no salting or honey oven baked. Just nuts.

Lets eat every 2 hours, aim for 8am, 10am, 12am, 2pm 4pm and finally 6pm. Make sure these aren’t meal sized. Make sure it is a SMALL meal just to keep you topped up. Try not to eat after 6pm. We don’t want to start getting hungry as we’ll reach for something simple, quick and easy. BAD, BAD, BAD!


It’s a huge thing everyone misses. You CANNOT drink whatever you want and think it’s just going to pass on through your system without causing damage. Water. Sorry. 😦 At least 2 litres a day. Fill a litre bottle and label it so no one else touches it, aim to drink the first litre before midday, then fill it and aim to finish it off that afternoon.) You’ll be amazed at the differences in your skin, and way less bloating and funnily enough the more water you drink the less you retain, it’ll flush your system and help things to work better. Peppermint tea is our new ‘coffee’ no sugar, no milk. Just peppermint tea. It’s even good cold or chilled. Refreshing, gives you just as much pep as coffee and full of good antioxidants. I know that’s a tough ask as I was a HUGE coffee drinker, though the moment I stopped using sugar and changed from full cream milk to skim, I lost weight. I was probably drinking in my many coffees the equivalent of 500ml of full cream milk and 5 tablespoons of sugar! I don’t even want to know how many grams that was. It all adds up.


I’ve been asked a few times ‘how am I going to avoid cravings?!’ Well it’s tough but you can adjust. Your body won’t only crave sugar, it will probably crave salt, fizzy drinks if you’re a fizzy drink drinker and also crunch if you a chip person. Sugar sucks the most in my opinion. But its easier if you trade somethings. Sultanas on your morning cereal instead of processed white sugar is just as sweet and far better for you. Any kind of sweet berries or fruits make a great substitute. Most of all be tough, you’re in charge don’t give in. I kick salty and crunchy in one go, low and no fat crackers are great. Take a couple and eat them straight from the packet as if they were chips. You can eat 3x as many and still be doing less damage than a packet of chips. I don’t recommend eat the whole lot but you get where I’m coming from. FIZZY…..Now I have swapped to soda water. Yeah I know boring, but do you want to lose weight or not?! There are sacrifices to make, your kidding yourself if you didn’t think things needed to change. I add blue berries to it, or a squeeze of lemon juice makes it nice and refreshing, the citric acid in lemon juice also helps your body to absorb the water better too. Orange juice any NATURAL flavours you can add. Grapes, crushed watermelon. Get creative with your new fave fizzy drink!

AVOID ALCOHOL. its full of sugar and is a BIG cause of extra weight gain.

So what are we doing?!

  1. Getting excited that we’re doing something for ourselves.
  2. Making some time to MOVE more.
  3. NOT eating in front of the tv.
  4. Deciding which foods appeal to us.
  5. ADJUSTING not going without.

OH and I forgot to add. You can have take out. If you have a regular take away night in your household, continue to do so. EXCEPT you should consider what your eating. Do you really want to flush all your recent exercise down the toilet with a greasy quarter pounder?! Nope, subway is seriously a great option and I LOVE it. So delicious and leaves you feeling light and full. Limit yourself to the 6 inch ones, no cookies just the sub, I don’t have cheese or creamy sauces. I love the hot chilli. Chilli also gets your metabolism kicked into gear (so I’ve read) If you MUST have maccas, consider a 3 nugget happy meal. Much better than the large quarter pounder meal for sure.

I cannot promise you that you will find it easy. It isn’t but really if it is something you WANT then you will find once you get your passion ignited you’ll be so darn proud of yourself when out with family and everyone’s ordering massive piles of food and you go for something sensible or when your offered a massive piece of birthday cake and ask if they could cut it in half for you.

Your going to get so ‘into’ it once that first kilo leaves. You’ll WANT to move more, WANT to eat better. The effort comes when the results show, the results will show from the effort you put it in. There’s no magic, you must work for it. And WANT to.

We’re all going to lose weight at different rates. And our cravings will probably test our will power but the strength and pride your going to feel knowing that you CAN say no, that your DOING it is worth feeling those small moments of weakness.

We’re going to do it day by day. One step at a time. I honestly know you can do it! If I can you can. I mean it. I know what it is like to lay around thinking god I wish I could be magically thinner, I want to buy that dress or wear a shorter skirt or wear swimmers with my kids at the pool. You can. It isn’t a dream, it is a physical possibility. And I SO hope I can offer you some help and motivation to get there 😀

So once again,  GET BRAVE! SUCK IT UP TAKE YOUR PICTURE, email it to yagerbabies@gmail .com you’ll see that you’re not alone, we are all different sizes and shapes and us girls who HAVE emailed their pictures…well you don’t want us alone do you?! (is the guilt trip working?!) We’re letting it all hang out, we’re going to make changes. You should too!

Lots of love Cristie! 😀

2 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday; Day by day

  1. This is going to be a tough week…but I took my pic…1st step huh?!
    I actually do well for breakfast (part of the regime my psychologist put me on when I was in the depths of PND), a small bowl of museli (one I make up myself with a packet of woolies bercher museli, 2 packets of LSA, a packet of Chia seeds, a packet sesame seeds, 2 cups of Corn Flakes and 2 cups of All-Bran). Lunch I’m pretty slack on (I usually blame a lack of motivation to make something nice for myself), but I will try really hard…salad and chicken wraps I think will work well for me. Dinner is tricky because often we share cooking with our neighbours (my parents-in-law). But tonight we are going to have beef stir-fry (I have a fantastic vegie garden, that I am very proud of- so lots of fresh vegies for dinner).
    Good luck fellow Skinny Sunday recuits!!!

    1. Thanks Vicki! Breaky sounds good! I’m actually really slack with the whole lot, hence why I’ve tried to keep it simple! I have to MAKE myself stop and have something sensible, but we can do it 😀

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