Happy Birthday Glen!

It was Glen’s 29th birthday yesterday and we were all so excited! Maybe not Glen as he had to go to work but the girls and I couldn’t wait to surprise him that night.

While he slaved away at work we slaved away at home making sure he would be surprised when he got home. Though we did make a corny little video, uploaded it to Youtube and sent the link to his iPhone so he’d be able to watch it while he had crib. (If you’d like to see our little vid check it out here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUuk5cCWOYU

I blew up a million balloons.

We made a banner and strung it up in our garage, when Glen called to let us know he was leaving work we all went and hid in the darkness of our garage.

It was such a LOOOONG 10 minutes. I peeped through a small gap to keep an eye out for headlights. FINALLY we saw them, I quickly lit the girls sparklers and we waited.

And waited……. until he opened the garage door.

SURPRISE! we all screamed.

So fun, and the look on his face was worth it.

We then had our birthday baked chicken dinner.

It then was present time.

The girls each gave him some persian fairy floss in rare flavours.

He then unwrapped the hand-made coupons I’d made him. They included sleep ins, massages and…well you don’t want to know the rest.

I then was so darn excited! The present I put so much effort into yet had no idea if he’d like was ready to be opened.


I had been stressing out so badly as to what to get Glen. He had a couple of ideas and I felt confident. Then he changed his mind and said he had no idea what he wanted.


I was left in the dark with no clue. I finally thought ‘Fine, I’ll just get him a box of chocolates.’ Then that idea turned into ‘YEAH! I’m going to get him the most awesome box of chocolates IN THE WORLD!”

And that’s exactly what I did.

I bought him chocolates from France.

Made by a man named Pascal Caffet, who is World champion Chocolatier, he hand picks premium ingredients from all over the world to make his mini master pieces. The most luxurious gourmet chocolates in the world.

(Yes, I am proud of my present.)

There is a range of 26 chocolates. Each and every one is an entirely different recipe, Each one is numbered. There is also the z chocolate which they are famous for. It’s a soft, sweet and salty caramel with a crunchy praliné made from slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts. Others include dark chocolate made from cocoa beans collected in Venezuela, inside is a fresh tangy raspberry puree. and a passionfruit caramel in a velvety milk chocolate.

His present was inside a beautiful drawstring bag. In the pocket on the front is the personalised message card and little novel telling you about each and every chocolate. It is then locked with a love heart pad lock which you can choose the combination to.

It was so fun and funny having Glen try to guess the combination.

I told him it was an important date.

He put in his birth year.



It was actually our wedding date.

Which was his second guess.

Once he unlocked it and opened the fabric pouch, inside was a the box which was hand wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with a seal wax stamped with their logo. inside that was the mahogany box with a temperature gauge on the top to ensure your chocolates are at the perfect temperature for eating and keeping. You can also personalise the box and have your own message engraved into it.

I chose ‘GB you melt my heart CY’

He LOVED it!

And the best part about it?

I can buy him refills for christmas’ and birthdays. I can even specifically hand-pick and order his favorite flavours.


When he’d done unwrapping pressies…..

We had CAKE!

*If you want to check them out for yourself (you REALLY must.) Go to zchocolat.com, their website alone is awesome. They have tonnes of different boxes and sets and lots of goodies, I went for middle of the range as I had no idea if Glen would think it was as great as I did. Their customer service is AWESOME, they emailed me the moment they dispatched, the emailed me once they cleared customs, they emailed me to let me know the day they should arrive and should for some reason they didn’t arrive the specific day I had selected, they would have personally contacted Glen to let him know that he had a special gift on its way from France and that it should be with him soon.*

I’ve now found my new all-rounder gift to give!

(Can’t wait for an occasion to order more)


The chocolates turned out to be a romantic present too, as once the kids were in bed we sat up chatting about them, taking turns to have a bite of a few. Perfect size for sharing between two.

Glen then got a massage and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

I know it was Glen’s special day, but I love the happiness that the kids and I get too. Giving and making someone -especially the most important man in our lives- happy and making sure they feel utterly loved is brilliant.


Dear Glen, I hope your day was nice, I love you so very much. You deserve the world and even though that is something I cannot give you, I hope at least the world’s best chocolates made up for it!

I love you.


Your wife and long life friend, Cristie.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Glen!

  1. OMG Christie that was a beautiful thing to do for him! He is so lucky to have all of you! I hope that I can find (or have found) someone that caring and thoughtful!

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