High evening tea.

I got the overwhelming urge to bake this afternoon.

This is good and this is bad.

I LOVE to bake.

Up until I had Buddy I baked every sunday. Masses of goodies for the week, Glen’s lunch box, Bella’s lunch box, morning and afternoon tea; laden with flavoursome -probably not so healthy, and now totally conflicting with my Skinny Sunday plans- baked goods.

My urge led me to a quick pop down to the shops to grab a few essentials I didn’t have.

I then decided we’d have a nice afternoon tea together out on our dead back lawn.

Which called for the whipping outness of my teapot.

By the time I’d finished baking a beautiful sponge cake, banana cake and baby baked cheesecakes it was 5pm.

Hence the title of this post, it wasn’t really a ‘noon’ tea, it was more like dessert BEFORE dinner.

After a cooling swim….

We poured overly sweet and sticky black tea.

We picked the berries from the tops of our cheesecakes.

We licked the coconut and passionfruit cream cheese frosting from the most delicious banana and walnut cake.

mmmm yum……

I think I will post my recipes at some stage, they’re way to tasty to not share!

I liked sitting out in the fresh air with my kiddies and Glen nibbling and relaxing after I’d successfully destroyed my kitchen. Icing sugar, brown sugar and caster sugar making the floor nice and sticky. Corn, plain and self-raising flour dusted upon our noses and our bench tops.

I only have one mixing bowl. One very loved and faithful mixing bowl, It’s used to being dunked after each mixing session. It is the reason for perfectly formed eggy peaks and firm sweet thick cream.

I think my baking day may slowly make its way back into my life, now that life is -kind of- settling back into its routine.

The girls pretended to love their tea, or coffee as Violet kept calling it, she told me she would need some in the morning ‘to help her wake up.’ Of course.

It always frustrates me when we have such a good time doing simple things. It makes me wonder…..

“Why don’t I do this more often?”

Well I think I will make an effort to do things like this more often. Slow down, not stress about my now sugary floor. Let it get just that little bit stickier while we sit together giggling and forgetting the silly things.

There’s always time for the ‘important’ stuff, but there won’t always be time for the really important stuff.

The stuff that matters.

Like my babies growing right before my eyes.

Good evening!

One thought on “High evening tea.

  1. That sounds like so much fun! Good on you for recognising how important something like that is! Time does fly – look at my “baby” now 29 with children of his own! I think that everyone should be doing what you are – taking time out for the things that really matter! Keep up the good work!

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